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Saint Petersburg

State Art and Architectural Palace and Park Museum - Reserve "Tsarskoe Selo"

State Art and Architectural Palace and Park Museum - Reserve State Art and Architectural Palace and Park Museum - Reserve State Art and Architectural Palace and Park Museum - Reserve State Art and Architectural Palace and Park Museum - Reserve

Museums, exhibitions, galleries

Address: Russia, Saint Petersburg, Pushkin, ulitsa Sadovaya, 7

Phone: (812) 465-9424
Fax: (812) 465-2024

Historical Inquiry

State Museum Reserve "Tsarskoe Selo" is a monument of world architecture and landscape architecture of the 18—20th centuries. Those who reigned starting with Ekaterina I and ending with Nikolay II, left their imprints in Tsarskoe Selo.

The compositional center of the monument is the Catherine Palace — a magnificent building in Russian baroque: one may admire luxury furniture in the Great Hall of the Palace and the "Golden Enfilade" of ceremonial halls, among them — the world-famous Amber Room which is restored.

One of the best examples of world classical architecture is the Alexander Palace, where you can get acquainted with the life of the last Romanovs — Nikolay II and Alexandra Fedorovna.



On the territory of the Catherine and Alexander Parks - total area of parks is 300 hectares — located more than 100 architectural monuments: from magnificent palaces and monuments to pavilions, bridges, marble monuments, exotic buildings, executed in the style of Gothic, Turkish, Chinese architecture.

Welcome to See

The most valuable (unique) collections:

  • Amber Collection — 250 items
  • The collection of Western European painting of the XVII—XVIII centuries — 136 items
  • A unique collection of military costume — about 500 items
  • A unique complex of furnishing of the Lyon Hall of the Catherine Palace ("lapis lazuli suite") — 25 items
  • The collection of bronze sculptures of the Cameron Gallery 0151 69 items
  • A collection of the Venetian marble park sculpture of the XVIII century — 27 items
  • A unique collection of park bridges of the Catherine and Alexander Parks — 40 items
  • Imperial Library of the Catherine Palace — 140 items
  • Imperial Library of the Alexander Palace — 6600 items

Working Time

Every day from 10.00 to 18.00, except Tuesday and last Monday of each month.

Cost of Visiting

Admission to the park, palaces, exhibitions varies everywhere. Tickets: adults — 220 — 30 RU, student — 100 — 15 RU, school students — 70 — 10 RU, foreign citizens: adults — 520 — 100 RU, students and school students — 250 — 50 RU.