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Saint Petersburg

Izmailovo Natural Historical Park

Nature Reserves

Address: 105187, Russia, Moscow, Moscow, Izmaylovsky prospekt, 56

Phone: (495) 165-3638, (495) 165-3638

Historical Inquiry

The park was formed in 1998 on the territory of the forest park "Izmailovo", existing since 1935. The park occupies 1,485 hectors, including over 900 hectors of forest plantations and about 30 hectors of water surface. This unique area is notable for a great variety of nature. One may find coniferous, deciduous and small-leaved forests, bottomland meadows and fens here. The most common trees in the park are old linden plants impured with oak.

Welcome to See

There are several landmarks of nature in the park: "Old Larch Forest”, which is 120 years old, "Mercury Linden" - one of the least damaged lindens, the age of trees of 160 years, “Marsh with Sudd", which is of particular rarity in Moscow, "Black Taiga Volga lichen", the age of black alder is about 90 years, etc. Rare in Moscow herbaceous plants grow in the park: European globe-flower, great bellflower, yellow iris, three species of orchids, etc. It is home to 20 species of mammals (marten, polecat, weasel, squirrel, brown hare and alpine hare, etc.) and more than 65 species of birds (goshawk, falcon, blackbird, screech owl, corncrake, stock-dove, shrike, etc.).

Working Time

Daily, 24 hours