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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Tyumen Region

Federal District: The Ural Federal District

Area: 235 km2
Population: 609 100 persons.


Tyumen — a city in Russia, administrative center of the Tyumen region.

Year Founded: 1586.

The city's area is: 235 km².

Population: 609.1 thousand people. (2010).

Internal division of 4 administrative districts: Central, Lenin, Kalinin, East.


The first traces of human presence on the territory of modern Tyumen found on the shores of Lake Andrew (Kozlovsky and koshkinskaya archaeological culture of the Neolithic) and on the left bank of Tours (Sargatskoe culture of the early Iron Age).

In the XIII—XVI centuries, the river is the capital of the Tyumen Tyumenki Khanate Ching-Tour (Chimgen Tour). Construction of the Tyumen burg was launched July 29, 1586 near Ching-Tours, by decree of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich.

In 1709 Tyumen part of the Siberian province, and in 1782 became a district town of Tobolsk governorship.

Since 1918 the Tyumen claims and administrative functions, we finally set out for her in 1944 the creation of the Tyumen region.

During the Great Patriotic War, has grown considerably and the industrial potential of the city due to evacuees from the European part of USSR enterprises. Interestingly, in Tyumen in the war years were evacuated as the body of Lenin's Mausoleum is temporarily performing the functions of the current building of the Tyumen State Agricultural akademy.

Posle opening in the Tyumen region in the 1960's large deposits of oil and gas the whole life of the city was subject to the implementation of oilfield services and transportation functions required to meet the needs of the Tyumen North.

Geographical position

The city is located in Western Siberia on the river Type, tributary of the Tobol. Distance to Moscow 1725 km. Covers an area of 235 km².


The economy of the city is the oil and gas industry: The city is headquarters or offices the following production and transport of oil and gas industry Zapsibgazprom (concern Gazprom), LUKoil — Western Siberia "(concern Lukoil), TNG (the business unit" Tyumen); branch of OJSC "TNK-BP Management" — TNK-BP Sibir (concern TNK-BP); «Sibnefteprovod (concern Transneft).


The city operates 53 public libraries, including one of the largest in Western Siberia, Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. Mendeleev. Have their own literary and cinematic tradition. In Tyumen, there are the following cultural facilities:

  • Tyumen Drama Theatre
  • Tyumen Puppet
  • Theater Youth
  • Theatre "Engagement" named VS Zagoruiko
  • Tyumen Philharmonic 
  • School of Art