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Transfiguration CathedralTambov local libraryMonument to V. I. LeninTemple of Our Lady of Kazan

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Tambov Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 92 km2
Population: 278 600 persons.


Tambov — a  city in Russia, administrative center of  the Tambov region.

Year established: 1636.

Population, 278.6 thousand (2008).

The city's area is: 92 km².


 Tambov was founded April 17, 1636, as a reference point of Muscovy in the Wild Field. Since the beginning of the XIX century Tambov Province has become one of the main granaries of the Russian Empire. In 1830, in Tambov, has experienced major feudal performance of workers, which pre-revolutionary historians, was called "cholera riots". Soon after the uprising was crushed by tsarist troops, officials and church ministers. Education remains in its infancy. The first grammar school in Tambov, appeared only in 1824. From the USSR was Tambov industry went into decline, it is now partly regenerated, improving. The volume of production remains at a low level. The reconstruction of the old historical buildings and also built many new modern buildings.


 The main industries are Tambov - chemicals, machinery, construction materials production.

 Geographical position

The city is situated on the river Cna (Pool Oka), a 482 km from Moscow. Industry The main industries are Tambov - chemicals, machinery, construction materials production. Transportation Highways: Moscow - Volgograd, Lipetsk - Penza and Tambov - Voronezh. Urban transport is represented by trolleybuses, buses and taxis. Bus station "Tambov": Moscow, Tula, Penza, Kursk, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Togliatti, Saratov. Bus station "North": inter-regional routes, flights to Moscow. Station "Tambov" belongs to the South-Eastern Railway. In the north-west is a line on Michurinsk, east and south-east line in Saratov (in Rtishchevo) and Kamyshin (via Balashov). Pass through the city long-distance trains message Tambov - Volgograd, Tambov - Moscow, Moscow - Astrakhan, Murmansk - Astrakhan, St. Petersburg - Tambov, Novorossiysk - Tambov, Mineral Waters - Tambov, Anapa - Tambov, Adler - Tambov, Volgograd - Brest Moscow - Makhachkala, Berlin - Saratov, Moscow - Alma-Ata, Moscow - Balakovo, Balakovo - Moscow. Commuter trains: the Michurinsk Oblovku, Kirsanov - passenger cars on diesel traction, rail buses. Airport Tambov is situated in the village of Don Tambov region. Airline - "Region-Avia operates flights: Tambov - Moscow (Domodedovo) and Tambov - Sochi (in summer).


• Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Tambov

 • Kazan church in Tambov

• Church of the Intercession of Tambov

 • The Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

 • Monument to Zoya Kosmodemyans'koi

• Museum Chicherin • Tambov State Drama Theatre (founded in 1786)

 • The monument "Tank"

• The building of the Tambov Museum of Regional Studies

• Hotel Tambov

Famous people of the city

 • Basil Agapkin - musician and composer (writer of the march "Farewell of Slav")

• Piotr Galperin (1902-1988) - an outstanding Russian psychologist, Honored Scientist of RSFSR (1980). Doctor of pedagogical sciences, psychology (1965), Professor (1967)

• Sergei Rachmaninoff - a famous composer

 • Gavrilo Derzhavin - The governor of Tambov Province (1786-1788)

 • Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) (r.1877) - Russian surgeon and spiritual writer, bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church