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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Ryazan Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 234 km2
Population: 509 392 persons.


Ryazan is a city in Russia, the administrative and cultural center of Ryazan Oblast. It is situated on the south riverside of Oka. The city's area is 252 km².

The population is about 540 000 people.


Ryazan is one of the oldest cities of Central Russia. It is mentioned in the chronicles long before Moscow and Vladimir. In 1237, the city primary took upon it the attack of hordes of Batiy. Despite the stubborn resistance of the defenders, the city was captured and destroyed. The heroic defense of Ryazan (Old Ryazan) and the feat of Evpatiy Kolovrat are a bright chapters of Russian history.

At the end of XIII century, Pereyaslavl-Ryazanskiy became the center of the Duchy. Pereyaslavl – previous title of present Ryazan - keeps its official chronology since 1095. The history of the city is favorably endowed with heroic past.

Until the middle of XVII century, it was a defensive outpost at the approaches to Moscow, repeatedly took upon it the attacks of the enemy, and frequently incurred to terrible destructions. It's possible to consider the present Kremlin territory on the riverside Lybid, where trade routes from Moscow, Astrakhan and Vladimir converged, as place of the city's foundation.

In XIV-XV centuries, it was already the large administrative, commercial and handicraft center.

In 1778, under Empress Catherine II, Ryazan governorate was formed, and Pereyaslavl-Ryazanskiy was renamed into Ryazan, nominally the original name of the knyaz's capital.

In 1995, Ryazan celebrated the 900-year anniversary.

Today, Ryazan is the main historical, cultural, economic, political and industrial center of the Ryazan Oblast.

Geographical location

The city is situated on the high south riverside of Oka, at falling of the river Trybezh.


The advantageous economic and geographical location of Ryazan on the riverside of boatable Oka, the proximity of Moscow, good transport links with Ural, Donbass, from where, generally, metal, oil, coal are delivered, communications with the cities of the industrial center predetermined the considerable city's development. Among the leading productions of the city there are instrument making, machine tool building, electric power industry, petroleum chemistry, machine building, metallurgy, production of building materials, woodworking, food and flour-and-cereals industries.

The largest enterprises are "Ryazan refining company", "Ryazan SDPS", "Ryazan State Instrument Factory", "Russian Leather", "Tyazhpressmash", "Ryazan pasteboard rubberoid factory", "Machine-tool factory", "Ryazan PD of electric accounting machines", "Autoaggregates factory".


Main types of urban public transport are bus, trolleybus, fixed-route taxi. The intercity electric train “Dyagilevo - Lesok” goes since May 2009.

Ryazan is a great railway, road-transport and water-transport junction. There are such airports as Diagilevo and Turlatovo.


• Ryazan historical architectural reserve museum

• Memorial estate museum of academician Pavlov I.I.

Museum of Airborne Forces troupes

 Museum of long-range aviation

Famous people of the city

• Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) is one of the most authoritative scientists in Russia, physiologist, psychologist, founder of the psychonomy

• Ivan Michurin (1855-1935) is Russian biologist and plant breeder, the author of many varieties of fruit and berry crops, Doctor of Biology, Honored Worker of Science and Technology

• Sergey Yesenin (1895-1925) is Russian poet, a representative of new-peasant poetry and of imagism (in the later period of writing)

• Konstantin Simonov (1915-1979) is Soviet writer and public person

• Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) is Russian novelist, publicist, poet

• Nikolai Efimov (1838-1891) is Russian painter, master of genre painting and portrait

Sources of information on tourism opportunities of the Oblast  

The official site of Ryazan Oblast Government —

The committee on culture and tourism of Ryazan Oblast:

Ryazan, Nikolodvoryanskaya St., b. 22, telephone: (4912) 21-5745,

History, culture and traditions of Ryazan Oblast —;

The site of Ryazan amateurs of self-supported travels —

Ryazan city's site of extreme sport and active recreation —

Phones for communication in emergencies

Code (4912)

United rescue service — fixed-line phone 01, mobile phone 112

Call center — 009, 09, 050

Territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

State administration of fire inspection of Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for Ryazan Oblast:

390000, Ryazan, Kalyaeva St., b. 13

Telephone: (4912) 27-52-68; (4912) 27-52-69