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Building of the main control center. Bank of RussiaRiver Orlikthe Square of troopersStele on the ground foundation of the city in honor of 400 years

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Orel Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 120 km2
Population: 315 700 persons.


Orel region is the land of legends and the high spiritual flights of genius born by Russian land. The best works of Russian literature of the XIX century are related with Orel.

This wonderful land came in the history of Russia as the birthplace of the great masters of the words of Ivan Turgenev, who created unusually poetic pictures of Russian nature. The Orel has inspired a remarkable master of words, Leskov N.S., glorified the soul beauty and talent of the common man.

The phenomenon of genius of this land can be discovered, if only you come here and breathe deeply the heady air of the national natural park "Orel Polesie". Perhaps, the phenomenon of Orel will reveale to you after a visit to the literary museums, rightly included in the list of the of world cultural significance monuments. Known around the world Museum- manor of Turgenev I.S., "Spassky-Lutovinovo" is an amazing place, a visit of which will charge you with optimism for a long time, warm and soothe your soul.

And how many interesting discoveries you will find in the unique folk crafts "Orlovsky cpis", pleshkovskaya toy, Mtsensk lace!

Perhaps, the phenomenon of these places is in the special romantic, which directs the flight of the pen of a poet and painter in immortality. It is not an accidence that Orel has been and remains the city of youth and love of the great romance Ivan Bunin for us.

And the romance is similar with the free flight of an eagle. This sense of freedom and hover, will feel it, having arrived at Orel land, and with a heart sinking you will say goodbye to the romantic streets of Orel, promising yourself to come back here again and again to experience the most wonderful feeling, which is the feeling of flight.

Orel Oblast is the subject of the Russian Federation.

The administrative center is Orel.

Orel Oblast is situated in the south-west part of European Russia. It borders Tula and Kaluga Oblasts in the north, Bryansk Oblast in the west, Lipetsk Oblast in the east, Kursk Oblast in the south.

The extension of the territory from the north to the south is more 150 km, the extension in the east-west direction is more than 200 km.

The Oblast's area is 24.7 thousand sq. km.

The population is about 800 thousand people.

There are 24 municipal districts, 7 cities, 14 urban settlements.


Mtsensk, Novosil, Kromy are mentioned in the chronicles of XII century. Then, the modern Orel territory was a part of Chernigov duchy. After the death of Mikhail Chernigovsky, the specific  Novosilsk duchy was formed on these lands.

By the end of XV century, that territory, disintegrated by four separate duchies by that time together with all other parts of Chernigov duchy, was merged in Lithuania Rus. In XVI century, fortress city Orel was founded, Livny, destroyed in XIII century, was reconstructed. In XVI—XVII centuries, the territory of modern Orel Oblast was the frontier of Russian state; thereon many fortifications of the Great abatis defense line were placed.

As far as the reduction of threat from the Tatars, the agricultural colonization of this region has been intensified. The Oblast was formed by the decree of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR, dated September 27, 1937, by means of separating of several districts from Kursk, West and Voronezh Oblasts.

In 1944, several districts of Orel Oblast were merged in newly formed Bryansk and Kaluga Oblasts.
On January 6, 1954, Elets, and Volynsky, Dolgorukovsky, Eletsky, Zadonsky, Izmalkovsky, Krasninsky, Stanovlyansky, Chernavsky and Chibisovsky districts became a part of newly formed Lipetsk Oblast.

Geographical location, natural resources, climate

The Oblast's climate is moderately continental. The average yearly temperature is 5,5 ºС, the average temperature in January is – 7 °C, the average temperature in July is +19 °C. The rainfall is from 490 to 590 mm in the year.

The highest elevation above sea level - 282 m – is placed in Novoderevenkovsk district.

There are two thousand rivers and streams in the Oblast's territories. Oka, Orlik, Zusha and Sosna are the most long-distance and affluent rivers.


A food, light, glass industries are developed.


Main specialization types in the agricultural sector are the production of grain (corn, wheat, barley, pea), sugar beet, potatoes, vegetables, oilseeds, hemp, meat, milk, the selected reproduction of seed grains and breeding stock.

Automobile transport

The main motor roads of the Oblast:

-        M2 «Crimea», E 105 (the extension within the Oblast is 152 km via Mtsensk and Orel)

-        R119 Orel - Tambov (151 km via Livny, and then to Elets and Lipetsk)

-        R120 Orel - Efremov (158 km via Novosil)

-        A141 Orel - Vitebsk (57 km via Naryshkino, and then to Bryansk)

-        R92 Orel - Kaluga (67 km via Bolkhov, and then to Belev, Peremyshil, Kaluga)

-        A142, E 93 Trosnyansky district of Oryol Oblast – Zheleznogorsk

Rail transport
The main railway line is double-tracked electrified principal line Moscow - Kharkiv - Simferopol (136 km via Mtsensk, Orel, Zmievka and Glazunovka). In addition, locomotive single-track lines - Orel - Elets (130 km via Zalegosh, Verkhovie, Khomutovo and Krasnaya Zarya) with branches towards Lieven, Dolgoe and Kolpny; historical line Riga - Orel (64 km via Naryshkino and Hotynets, and
then to Bryansk ) and Orel - Dmitriev-Lgovskiy (83 km via Kromy) - function.

Air transport

The largest airport is Orel-South.

Urban passenger transport

The passenger transport for the transportation of the population functions in the following settlements of Orel Oblast:


-        tram

-        trolleybus

-        bus

-        waterbus on the River Oka

-        fixed-route taxi


-        bus

-        fixed-route taxi


-        bus

-        fixed-route taxi     


-        bus

-        fixed-route taxi     


-        bus

-        fixed-route taxi

Types of tourism:

  • Cultural and knowing tourism
  • Ecological tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Health tourism
  • Event  tourism
  • Business tourism
  • Active tourism


-        State Memorial and Natural Museum-Reserve of Turgenev I.S., "Spasskoe-Lutovinovo" (Mtsensk district)

-        Sacred Spring in the National Park "Orel's Polesie" (Khotynetsky district)

-        Zoovolierny complex in the National Park "Orel's Polesie" (Khotynetsky district)

-        Trinity Optin of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin monastery in Bolkhov district

-        The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Bolkhov (XIX century)

-        Saburovsk's fortress in Orel Oblast:

  1. The fortress wall
  2. Four towers
  3. The theater building
  4. The church of Archangel Michael
  5. The granary

-        The country seat of Dmitry Kantemir in Dmitrovsk:

  1. The fence with two angle towers
  2. Gate
  3. Park
  4. Orchard

-        Trinity Church in Bolkhov (late XVII - early XVIII centuries)

-        Pokrovsk Church, in which there is the family vault, where poet Fet A.A. was buried (Orel district, v. Kleimenovo)

-        Memorial to Russian soldiers of Boyar Sheremetev I. (1555) near the village Sudbischi, Novoderevenkovsky district

Famous natives of the Oblast

-        Turgenev, Ivan Sergeyevich is Russian writer

-        Leskov, Nikolai Semenovich is Russian writer

-        Fet, Aphanasy Afanasievich is Russian poet

-        Andreev, Leonid Nikolaevich is Russian writer

-        Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich is Russian poet

-        Zaitsev, Boris Konstantinovich is Russian writer

-        Prishvin, Mikhail Mikhailovich is Russian writer

-        Novikov, Ivan Alekseevich is Russian poet and prose writer

-        Apukhtin, Alexey Nikolaevich is a poet and prose writer

-        Bulgakov, Sergei Nikolayevich is Russian public person, scientist-theologian

-        Bakhtin, Mikhail Mikhailovich is the famous Russian thinker

-        Granovsky, Timofey Nikolaevich is the famous Russian scientist-historian

-        Rostopchin (Rastopchin), Fedor Vasilievich is the famous statesman

-        Kalinnikov, Vasily Sergeyevich is Russian composer

-        Polikarpov, Nikolai Nikolaevich is Russian aircraft designer
Rusanov, Vladimir Alexandrovich is Russian researcher
Myasoedov, Grigory Grigorievich is the famous painter
Kurnakov, Andrey Ilich is the National painter of the

Phones for communication in emergencies

  • Fire emergency — 01
  • Police — 02
  • Ambulance — 03

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the Oblast 

The culture and archive-keeping administration of the Department of education, culture and sport of Orel Oblast:

302026, Orel, Komsomolskaya st., b. 63

Call center: tel.: (4862) 59-0007, факс (4862) 59-0006

The department of tourism: tel./fax (4862) 59-0013, e-mail:

The official tourism site of the region —

Territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

State administration of fire inspection of Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for Orel Oblast:  

302028, Orel, Sayrena Shaymyana St., b. 33

Telephone: (4862) 43-39-99