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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Nenets Autonomous Area

Federal District: The North-Western Federal District

Population: 19 500 persons.


Naryan-Mar is a city (since 1935) in Russia, the administrative center of the Nenets Autonomous District.

The population is 19,5 thousand people (2010).

The year of establishment is 1929.


In 1930, on the shore of the Pechora River was built a village, named Naryan-Mar (in Nenets language — "Red City").

By 1940, the city began to develop industry: a sawmill works, a handicraft enterprise produces bricks, local residents fished, and engaged in cattle breeding. Through the sea port of Naryan-Mar in the central regions of the country were exported timber, coal, furs and reindeer products.

Since the early 60-ies of the XX century, the city began being actively built up in accordance with the master plan. The first brick buildings appeared in Naryan-Mar in 1963. At the same time in Naryan-Mar was built network of roads in the city and beyond to connect with other cities.

Since 1991 wasconducted a large-scale road construction in Naryan-Mar — Usinsk, which connected the county with the Republic of Komi and the nationwide transport system. At the moment, the main mode of transport, which can be accessed in Naryan-Mar, is aviation, rail traffic in the city is missing.

Currently, Naryan-Mar is a developed industrial center in the Nenets Autonomous District. The basis of the city's economy is the fuel industry: oil production, oil refining and gas industry. In addition, Naryan-Mar is a major trading port. Great importance for the economy also has exploration of tundra and offshore fields.                     

Geographical position

The city is located in the lower reaches of the Pechora River, 110 km from the Barents Sea. Distance from Moscow to Naryan-Mar - 1 500 km, from Archangelsk to Naryan-Mar - 660 km.


 CCIA city is represented by the following companies: food industry enterprises,  JSC Nenets Oil Company, Oil company LLC Naryanmarneftegaz, JSC Naryan-Marseismorazvedka.


The city has bus transportation, serving six routes: Route number 411: Naryan-Mar -  settlement Iskately, Route number 2: Seaport - station Lenin, Route number 4: Seaport - Airport Route number 4a: Street. Lenin – Airport, Route number 7: Seaport - lake Bezymyannoye, Route number 8: Seaport - st. Mira Since 1991, conducted a large-scale road construction in Naryan-Mar – Usinsk, with the length of 386 km. Until the road is not built, the main mode of transport, which can be accessed in Naryan-Mar, remains aviation. Naryan-Mar airport accepts planes AN-2 AN-24 Antonov An-26 and Tu-134, Yak-40 Yak-42, IL-18, Boeing 737, all types of helicopters. Regular flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Usinsk, Ufa, as well as on local air routes. Goods in the city are delivered by sea from Archangelsk, as well as along the river from the town of Pechora. 


• The cultural and business center of the Nenets Autonomous

• Ethnic and cultural center of the Nenets Autonomous District

• District government agency "Exhibition Hall"

• District government agency and the Historical and Cultural Landscape Museum-Reserve "Pustozersk"

Famous people of the city

• Nina Leontieva (born 1936) - linguist