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MagadanMonument-memorial Magadan

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Magadan Region

Federal District: The Far Eastern Federal District

Area: 180 km2
Population: 106 400 persons.


Magadan — is a city and port in the northeastern part of Russia, administrative center of Magadan oblast.

Founded in 1929.

Population — 106,400 (Census 2010).

The city's area is 180 km².


In the XX century in connection with the search of new places of extraction of precious metals interest of the Russian government to Chukotka and the Sea of Okhotsk coast increased. On the outskirts of Russia several expeditions were filled, but the industrial gold wasn’t found.

In 1915 in the basin of Srednekan lone gold miner Shafigulin nicknamed Boriska found the first gold in the Kolyma. In 1926 the expedition of S.V. Obrucheva established favorable geological conditions for the occurrence of this metal.

Two years later the first Kolyma expedition of Yu. A. Bilibin led off a detailed study of the Kolyma River. Reliable information about the economy of the region were obtained hydrographic expedition I.F.Molodykh, who recommended the bay Nagayeva as convenient for the construction of the port and the starting point of the road construction.

On October 13, 1928 Ola district executive committee decided to build the East Evensky (Nagaevskoy) cultural base, and on June 22, 1929 construction began to build houses, schools, veterinary centers, hospitals and boarding houses.

Small town of Magadan on the site of the city was founded in 1929, received town status on July 14, 1939, from 1954 — the administrative center of the Magadan oblast. In 1930—1934 it was the center of the Okhotsk-Evenki National District.

On July 14, 1939 the workers settlement reformed in a city. This date is considered to be the birth year of Magadan, although it was founded ten years earlier.

In December, 1953, in the territory of Dalstroi was established Magadan Oblast, the city became its administrative, economic, scientific and cultural center.

Geographical position

The city is situated between Nagaev and Gertner Bay, on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Magadan is about 7 710 km far from Moscow.


The main industries of Magadan are fishing, production of mining equipment, engineering factories and other plants and factories.


From Magadan through all main camp of oblast the federal road M56 Kolyma passes, which connects oblast with Yakutsk and the continent.

International airport Magadan (Sokol) – is the largest airport on the northeast of Russia, it is the single net, which serves for transportation of people and express goods.

The second airport (Magadan 13) serves small aircrafts, small non-military and cargo aircrafts.


• Saint-Troitsk cathedral in Magadan

• Magadan reserve

• Government facility of culture Magadan Regional Local Lore

Famous people of the city

• Vasily Aksenov (1932-2009) - writer

• Pavel Vinogradov (b. 1953)- astronaut

• Elena Vyalbe (b. 1968) - three-time Olympic champion of the World on skis. In 2010 she was elected president of the Federation Cross-Country Ski Russia

• Eugenia Ginzburg (1904-1977) - journalist, memoirist.