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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Lipetsk Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 318 km2
Population: 502 500 persons.


Lipetsk is a city in Russia, the administrative center of  the Lipetskaya oblast.

The year of foundation is 1703

The population is 502.5 thousand people (2010).

The city's area is 318 km².


The Slavic fortified settlement on the site of the modern city existed even before the Mongol invasion. In the annals of Lipetsk it  was first mentioned in the 1283—1284, during the battles of Russia against the Mongol-Tatar invaders.

In 1284,  the town was completely destroyed by Baskak Akhmat and over the next few centuries, there was no mention of it there. Several studies challenge the relationship with the current Chronicle there was no its mention.

1703  is considered the founding year of Lipetsk (City Day is celebrated in the third Sunday of July). It was then on the orders of Peter I on the river Lipovka, in place of its confluence with the Voronezh River, when began the construction Iron Work plants for the needs of the Russian navy and army, which during the Northern War had a lot of support in the supply. On August 16, 1781 Lipetsk gets its coat. Under the Tambov province emblem (the hive and the three golden bees) — spreading lime tree as a symbol of antiquity and prosperity, as the family tree of the revived city.

In 1806, a wooden built-up randomly Lipetsk suffered a large fire, after which the building of the city has already been made to the Master Plan, with straight wide streets and buildings of stone and brick. There were built resort buildings, a hotel and an entertainment hall. At Dvoryanskaya Street (now Lenin str.) there appeared noble and merchant houses.

The revival of the city began in the late XIX — early XX century, when, in connection with the expansion of railway construction, the Russian and foreign businessmen, decided to re-use the ore deposits near Lipetsk.

During the Great Patriotic War, in 1943, and in record time, was built Lipetsk Tractor Plant (now — Plant "Lipetsk tractor").

On January 6, 1954 creates the Lipetsk Region, and the city acquires the status of the regional center.

Today, Lipetsk is known in Russia and abroad as a major producer of steel and rolled products, "white" appliances, juices and mineral water and as a training center for domestic aviation aces.

Geographical position

The city is situated on the border of the Central Russian Upland and Oka-Don Plain, on both banks of the Voronezh river, in 438 km south of Moscow. The height of the center above the sea level is about 160 m.


The industry of Lipetsk is presented in engineering and metalworking. Lipetsk is known in Russia and abroad as a major producer of steel and rolled products.


1. Verkhny Pond and Peter’s Slope

2. Nizhny  pond

3. Church of the Nativity of Christ (1791—1842)

4. House of Soviets (1957—1958)

5. Dormition Church

6. St.Nicholas Church

• House of V.K Vyazhlinsky pharmacist in Lenin Street

• Color and music fountain in the square of Peter the Great

• Lipetsk Zoo

• Komsomolsky pond

Famous people of the city

  • Viktor Sorokin (1912—2001) — People's Artist of Russia.
  • Ivan Mashkov (1867—1945) — Russian, Soviet architect, restorer, educator, researcher of ancient Russian architecture
  • George Plekhanov (1856—1918) — theorist and propagandist of Marxism, a philosopher, a prominent figure in the Russian and the international socialist movement
  • Konstantin Moskalenko (1917—1984) — scientist and educator, innovator

Phones for communication in emergencies

• Unified phone firefighters and rescue workers - 01

• Unified rescue service - 112

• Police - 02

• Ambulance - 03

• Emergency gas service - 04

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the region

Territorial authorities of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Lipetsk region:

398024, Lipetsk, 2 A Panin street