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Church Resurrection on DebrThe building of Romanov's museumThe building of Drama theatre named after A.N.Ostrovsky Fire Tower at the  Susanin square

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Kostroma Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 144,5 km2
Population: 270 475 persons.


Kostroma is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Kostromskaya oblast. The historic city center kept a model of kind of an ensemble of classicism of the end of the XVIII—XIX centuries. Kostroma is located on the banks of the Volga River.

The year of foundation is 1152.

The population is 270,475 people (2009).

The city's area is 144.5 km².


The city of Kostroma was founded in 1152 by Yuri Dolgoruky.

Until the middle of the XVI century there was the only castle on the left bank of the Volga and not once it took the blows of enemies of the Russian state. Kostroma played a prominent role in the liberation struggle against the Mongol invaders, the events of the Time of Troubles. From Kostroma was claimed to reign in 1613 the founder of the Romanov dynasty - Mikhail Fedorovich.

In the middle of the XVII century Kostroma was the fourth city after Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kazan as the largest and the most important one.

By the beginning of the XIX century Kostroma province ranked second in Russia to develop flax products and unconditionally excelled in their export abroad.

In 2007 the city celebrated its 855 anniversary of the foundation. Kostroma is a part of the world-famous tourist route "Golden Ring of Russia".

Geographical position

Kostroma is located in 301 km to the  north-east of Moscow, at the Kostroma Lowlands, on both banks of the Volga River and the old mouth of the Kostroma. The distance from Moscow Ring Road on the highway (M8 Kholmogory, then A113) is 306 km.


Kostroma is one of the major centers of the textile industry. Also, the industry Kostroma is looking to engineering, wood processing, energy and metal.


Urban transport is represented by bus, trolley bus and taxi. Kostroma is connected with Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Vladimir federal highway A113. Through the city runs the being built federal highway, "St. Petersburg—Ekaterinburg (via Vologda — Kirov — Perm). there is a river port, but regular passenger service is limited: traffic speed ships stopped in late 1990, local transportation is carried out ships of the type "Moscow".

Airport "Sokerkino" serves a small number of low local significance: Kostroma — the Sharia — Bogovarovo AN-2, Kostroma — Kineshma. Kostroma linked daily through service to Moscow (train company "Kostroma") and St. Petersburg (through-trailer trucks).

Year-round shuttle passenger train from Moscow — Khabarovsk and Kostroma — candles in the summer - Moscow - Vladivostok, Kostroma — Anapa (in Ryazan) and Kostroma — Adler (in Lipetsk). Suburban carried by train to Nerekhta and Yaroslavl: daily shuttle electric with all the stops (journey time to Yaroslavl about 3 hours) and additional express (takes about 2 hours.) Also there is a daily commuter train Kostroma — Galich (journey time 3.5 hours).


1. Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church

2. GUK "Kostroma State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve"

3. Church of the Birth of Christ

4. Resurrection Church

5. Manor of Gramotin

6. The complex of the church of Alexander and Antonina

7. Church of the Transfiguration of God of the Volga

 Famous people of the city

  • Ilya Musin (1903—1999) — Russian music teacher and theorist of conducting, the creator of the Leningrad conducting school
  • Guri Nikitin (1620—1691) — artist, painter, master of the largest Russian mural paintings of the XVII century Rozanov
  • Vasily Rozanov (1856—1919) — Russian religious philosopher, literary critic and essayist
  • Kaleria Torop (1917—1997) — architect-restorer, Honorary Citizen of the city of Kostroma 

• Nicholay Chaleev-Kostromskoy (1874-1938) - a famous Russian actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR, who played two decades on the stage of Moscow's Maly Theatre

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the region

Territorial authorities of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Office of State Fire Inspection Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Kostroma region:

156013, Kostroma, 20  Lenina Street

Telephone: (4942) 31-37-80