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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Vologda Region

Federal District: The North-Western Federal District

Area: 116 km2
Population: 286 158 persons.


Vologda is a city in Russia, administrative, cultural and scientific center of the Vologda oblast.

The year of foundation is 1147.

The population is  286 158 people (2010).

The area is 116 km².


The profitable location at the crossroads of Vologda waterways made a city in the XIII—XV centuries an object of civil wars of Novgorod, Tver and Moscow Princes.

In 1368,   Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy captured Vologda.  For some time in  Vologda there were  two governors - of Novgorod and Moscow. In 1371, Dimitri Prilutsky in three kilometers from  Vologda founded the Spaso- Prilutsky Monastery — the first coenobitic monastery in the Russian North.

The Soviet government was established in Vologda only in December 1917, until mid—1918 co-existed with agencies in rural and urban governance. In addition, in February 1918, Vologda for a few months becomes a "diplomatic capital of Russia": fear of capture by German troops in Petrograd, here were evacuated around 11 embassies, headed by U.S. Ambassador David R. Francis.

However, under pressure from the Bolsheviks, on July 24, 1918 diplomats were forced to leave Vologda and through Arkhangelsk went back. During the Civil War Vologda became the location of the headquarters of the VI-th Red Army, which opposed the Whites of E.K. Miller and invaders in the north. In memory of Red Army who fought on the northern front, in Vologda on Revolution Square there  is a monument.

In 1929, Vologda for the time lost the value of the provincial center: Vologda province was abolished and incorporated into the new entity - the Northern Territory, where in addition to the Vologda entered the territory of Arkhangelsk and North Dvina provinces and autonomous region of Komi (Staring). The administrative center of the Northern Territory became the Archangel.

In December 1936, the Northern Territory was dissolved and divided into the Komi Republic and northern areas, which remained the administrative center of Arkhangelsk. However, even on Sept. 23, 1937 decision of the CEC of the USSR Northern Region was divided into the Arkhangelsk and Vologda oblast. By the same resolution to the Vologda region were annexed the  areas of Cherepovets district of the Leningrad region, are now the western part of the Vologda region, and had never formed part of the Vologda province.

Geographical position

The city is situated on the banks of the Vologda River.


In the city there are  57 medium and large industrial enterprises producing very different products. In 2009, the largest share in production volume occupied by the company for the production of energy (34,4%), second and third place with almost equal shares of the enterprise


In Vologda the major railroads intersect (from Moscow to Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta and from Vologda to St. Petersburg). Also through the Vologda federal highway M-8 Moscow-Arkhangelsk.


• Vologda Kremlin

• Bishop's yard

• Museum of Peter the Great (Peter House)

• Exhibition Complex "Vologda on the turn of the century"

• Architectural-Ethnographic Museum of the Vologda region

• The Museum of "The World of forgotten things"

• Museum of the diplomatic corps

• Museum of Vologda butter

• Cathedral of St. Sophia

• Saviour Monastery Prilutsky

Famous people of the city

• Konstantin Nikolaevich Batyushkov - poet

• Vladimir Alekseevich Gilyarovsky - writer

• Vasily Vasilievich Vereshchagin - famous artist

• Nicholay Evgenievich Vvedensky - the famous physiologist

• Sergei Vladimirovich Ilyushin - the famous aircraft

• Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev - cosmonaut

Phones for communication in emergencies

Operational duty single dispatching service of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergencies

• 01

• (8172) 72-4862

• (8172) 72-1105

First aid station

• 03

• (8172) 72-1282

Operational duty city police department (maintenance of public order, public security)

• 02

• (8172) 72-0001

Rescue Service

• (8172) 74-1911

Territorial Authority Emergency

• Phone the Department GIMS - (8172) 78-2116

• Calling the emergency services with a single cell: MTS and TELE2 - 010; Megaphone - 112; Beeline - 001

• Reception of Chief of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Vologda Region - (8172) 57-1102

• The duty of State - (8172) 72-1105

• Phone the press service of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Vologda - (8172) 57-1189

• E-mail: mchs.info35 @

• Hotline Main Directorate of MOE Russia Vologda - (8172) 79-4773

• Helpline Main Directorate of MOE Russia Vologda - (8172) 72-9999

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the region

BU VO "Tourist Information Center of the Vologda region" Address:

160000, Vologda, 27. Herzena steet, office 407

Telephone: (8172) 56-2780 E-mail: info @