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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Chukotka Autonomous Area

Federal District: The Far Eastern Federal District

Area: 53 km2
Population: 11 777 persons.


Anadyr — is a port town in the far northeast of Russia, anadministrative center of Chukot Autonomous Okrug.

Population: 11 777 (Census 2010). The city's area: 53 km2.

Founded in 1889


The word “Anadyr” is mentioned in historical chronicles in different variations: “Onandyr” - Chukchi River, “Anadyrsk” stockaded town of mid-17th century (Semyon Dezhnev’s and Kurbat Ivanov’s time).

In 1649, S.I. Dezhnev was founded Anadyr ostrog (fort), demolished in 1771.

On August 3,1889,realizing the decree of the Government of tsarist Russia on formation in the north-eastern territory of Anadyr Okrug, L.F. Grinevetsky established station Novo-Mariinsk in the river Kazachka. From it the city of Anadyr began its development.Local Chukot habitancy calls the city Ven “mouth, entrance” or Kagyrgyn “entry, mouth”, which reflects its location at the narrow neck that opens the entrance to the upper part of Anadyr basin. In 1923 the village was renamed Novomariinsk into Anadyr. Anadyr became aworkers settlement in 1934.

In 1965 the center of the Chukot National District – Anadyr – was transformed into a town under regional jurisdiction.

On August 11, 2004 in Anadyr was opened the world's largest monument to Nicholay Chudotvorets.

Geographical Position

The city is located in permafrost on the shore of Anadyr bay in Beringov Sea. Anadyr is connected with Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky through sea ways as well as with Vladivostok, Magadan and other ports.


The main industries of the city of Anadyr are agriculture, coal and gold mining in the city neighbors.

The major concerns of the city of Anadyr:

ZAO “Chukot mining-and-geological company”- geology study and production of lode gold.

OOO “Sibneft-Chukotka” – geology study, prospecting and extraction of oil and gas. The sub-company OAO “Gazprom-neft”

Anadyr TPP – thermal station. Electric power – 56 Mwatt, thermal power – 140 Gcal/hour.

SC PJSC “Chulotkommunkhoz” – it includes 43 DPP, 48 boiler station, 1 wind station.


The airport is situated in the settlement of Ugolnyy. The airplane Il-96, taking off from the Moscow Domodedovo airport, lands on in airport Anadyr (Ugolnyy) in 8 hours and 10 min.

There is a sea port in the city of Anadyr. It is maritime traffic with Vladivostok, Magadan, and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


• Local Lore Museum

• Cryosolic laboratory of northeast complex RDE RAS

• Chukot district public universal library named after V.G. Tana-Bogoraza