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Arkhangelsk Region

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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Arkhangelsk Region

Federal District: The North-Western Federal District

Area: 589 913 km2
Population: 1 254 449 persons.

Coat of Arms of Arkhangelsk Oblast
Coat of Arms of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Flag of Arkhangelsk Oblast
Flag of Arkhangelsk Oblast


Arkhangelsk is a real city of white nights: from the mid of May to the end of July (77 days) the sun doesn’t leave the sky. The night reminds mostly of the twilight and the day becomes enormously long. The longest day (21 hours 34 minutes) and the shortest night (2 hours 26 minutes) are on June 21-22.

Arkhangelsk is a city on the north of European part of Russia, administrative centre of Arkhangelsk region. Arkhangelsk is famous as "the land of the first Russian sailors". Life of this city is connected with the sea on the length of four centuries.

Population: 348 400 people (2010).

Square of the city — 294,42 sq. km.

Arkhangelsk is located 1234 km far from Moscow.  

The territory of the municipal district is 29445 hectare

The population is about 335 thousand people.

The year of foundation is 1584.


In the 12 century Mikhailov-Archangel monastery was founded on the site of the future Arkhangelsk. Near the monastery, as it was usual in Russia, a harbor village grew up. In the 16 century, when Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible started trading with England through the northern seas, a wooden fortress was founded  near Mikhailov - Archangel monastery on the island of Pur-Navolok (1584). The town being built was called New Kholmogorsky Town, New Town and Novoholmogory. In 1613 Novoholmogory was renamed into Arkhangelsk city, gradually the name transformed into its modern name.

In 1667 the town was almost completely burnt out. The first stone building, Gostiny Dvor, was built here after the fire. According to the plan of architect Dmitry Startsev it comprised a closed complex  of three adjacent houses with six towers.

Seaside location of Archangelsk has caused interest to the town of Tsar Peter I the Great. The shipyard was founded by the order of the Tsar on the island of Solombala. The ceremonial launching of the first Russian merchant ship St. Paul took place in 1694.

In 1708 Arhangelogorodskaya province, which included the vast lands of the Russian North, was created by the decree of Peter I.

In 1762 Arkhangelsk was equalized in trading rights with St. Petersburg. In 1794 the regular housing development began, were built wide streets and quays.

In the 18—19 century Arkhangelsk was the starting point for many polar expeditions. During the Civil War British troops intruded Arkhangelsk. In 1920 the Soviet power was established here. Since 1929 Arkhangelsk is the center of the Northern Territory, since 1936 — of the Northern Region, since 1937 — of the Arkhangelsk oblast.

In the XX century industrial objects, roads and residence buildings were being built.

In the 2000t-esroads were constructed in Arkhangelsk, a new road, that goes directly to the prospect Obvodny Canal, from the busstation was built, many residential houses were commissioned, renovated pedestrian street — Prospect Chumbarov-Lucinschi — has appeared. Development plan until 2020, which provides for the revival of the tram and trolleybus traffic, as well as the development of new Zavokzalny area, was adopted. Archangelsk has to become the center of Arctic exploration.

.At present Arkhangelsk is still a port and an oblast centre being the ganglion of economic, social and cultural connections, regional and branch leader.

Geographical position

The city located in the Northern Dvina River delta in 40— 45 km from the place, where it flows into the White Sea. Arkhangelsk is located on flat land.


.On the territory of the oblast centre there are enterprises of timber processing, timber chemical, pulp and paper, machine engineering, ship building and also of fish industry.

The main industries in Arkhangelsk are the forestry and timber processing, pulp and paper:

  • Management Company "Solombales" — one of the largest timber holdings in Russia
  • JSC "Solombala LDK" — the largest producer of lumber, it’s a part of the holding company Management Company Solombales
  • JSC "Solombala Machine Works" — a leading manufacturer of forestry equipment
  • JSC "Krasnoflotsky Machine Works" — manufacture of woodworking machines
  • JSC "Severalmaz" — mining, sorting, cutting of diamonds and manufacturing of diamond tools
  • Joint Venture Company "Polyarnoe siyanie" — oil, a subsidiary of Rosneft
  • Arkhangelsk CHP — the largest power station in Arkhangelsk branch, the main producer of electricity and hot water. Belongs to JSC "TGC-2"


Automobile transport

Arkhangelsk is the final destination of the federal highway Kholmogory M8, which is the only road that connects the city with the center of Russia, the woods, woodworking products, and imported food, consumer goods, etc. are exported by the road. There is also a highway to St. Petersburg, which passes through Kargopol-P1, but it is not a coherent way, these are just different segments.

Water transport

 On the territory of Arkhangelsk there are 2 ports: Port Ekonomia (Commercial Sea Port) and the Maritime river port (passenger). Flying to the islands within the city, as well as the Solovki, Murmansk and other places is arranged through the Maritime river port

Air transport

Arkhangelsk is served by two airports: Vaskovo and Talagi. Vaskovo takes regional flights, it’s located in12 km from the city center in the village Vaskovo. It was founded in 1981.

Talagi Airport was opened on February 5, 1963, it serves inter-regional and international flights. It’s located in 11 km from the city in Talazhsky airtown. 

Rail transport

Arkhangelsk is the final destination of the Northern Railway. On its territory there are railway stations Arkhangelsk-City, Isakogorka, Bakaritsa, Zharovikha. The city is a rail junction. There are different directions of trains: to Moscow (trip 15/16 — fast and 317/318 — branded "Pomorie"), to St.-Petersburg (trip 389/390) and others. There is a direction to Karpogory.

Public transport

Public transport is now represented on 80% by buses PAZ-3205, only 5— 10% of transport by bus of a larger class LiAZ-5256.36, Ikarus-260, Ikarus-263.


  1. Holy-Iliinsky Cathedral
  2. St. Nicholas Church (Church of St. Nicholas)
  3. The Museum of wooden architecture of the Russian North "Malye Korely" - отсутствует
  4. Monument to Peter the Great
  5. Church in town of Solovetsky monastery
  6. Nikolskaya chuch
  7. Monument to Lomonosov
  8. Monument to Victory
  9. Uspenskaya chuch
  10. Arkhangelsky oblast regional museum

Famous People

  • Brandt William — known arhangelogorodsk merchant
  • Meshchersky Ivan — a Russian scientist, founder of the mechanics of bodies with variable mass
  • Paul (Meletiev) (1880—1962) — Bishop of Roslavl, vicar of the diocese of Smolens of Belarusian Orthodox Church. Bishop of Gerakleopolsky Roman-Catholic Church
  • Dmitry Afanasenkov — hockey player, Stanley Cup winner in the Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Gaidar Timur Abramovich — Soviet and Russian journalist and writer, Rear-Admiral
  • Alexey Kudrin — the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation since May 2000
  • Pletnev, Mikhail — a pianist, composer and conductor, People's Artist of Russia
  • Telephones for emergency cases
  • Unified phone number for Arkhangelsky oblast – 01 (from fixed-line telephone), 112 (from a mobile phone)
  • Sources of getting information about tourist possibilities of the region
  • Department of the development of regional tourism – Tourist information centre of Arkhangelsk
  • Address: 163004, Russia, Arkhangelsk, 8, Svobody street
  • Tel/fax: (8182) 21-4082
  • Operating hours: 09.00—17.30 (Mon-Thur), 09.00—16.00 (Fri)