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Orthodox church under construction in KiziylKiziylNational Museum of the Aldan-MaadyrKiziyl

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Tuva

Federal District: The Siberian Federal District

Population: 110 000 persons.


Kyzyl is the capital of the Republic of Tyva (Tuva), the city of republic jurisdiction of Russia.

It was founded in 1914.

The population is about 110 thousand people.


The city (as well as village) under the name of Belotsarsk was founded in 1914 by the Russian colonists immediately after jointing the territory of Uryakhnov to Russia. In 1918 (due to the revolution and antimonarchical movement) it was renamed to Khem-Beldir and in 1926 it was called the city of Kyzyl.

There is another version based on the memories of the Russian colonists and their reports to Moscow. In 1919 Kyzyl was considerably destroyed by fire during the battle between Bogolov’s white troops and the red partisans of Kravchenko-Schetinkin’s army. At the Congress of the Russian people of Uryankhay region in 1920 after the victory of Bolsheviks in Siberia it was decided to rename Belotsarsk to “Red city”. From 1922 the red city appeared in the Soviet documents. Khem-Beldir was the Tuvan’s part of the future city.

The city was built by the workers from Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk and other cities. The city got the name of Belotsarsk in honor of the White Tsar, the Tsar of Russia. New wooden houses, a crossroad through Yenisey, a sawmill and a mill were built at that time. A year later the first hospital, school, private sawmill and tannery were opened.  

During the October Revolution and the Civil War Belotsarsk became the center of political life of the region. In 1918 bolsheviks created Uryankhay Congress in Belotsarsk where the representatives of the Russian and Tuvan population participated in the regular meetings. The city of Belotsarsk was renamed again to Uryankhay the same year at the IV Congress.

In 1921 the People´s Republic of Tuva was proclaimed in accordance with the results of Alltuvan (khural) Congress and the city got the name of Kyzyl, which in Tuvan language means “red”.

First schools, administrative buildings, hospitals, commercial and industrial enterprises appeared in Kyzyl in 1930—1940. In the records of the city the forties were described as the years of improving the Tuvan statehood, the friendship between Russian and Tuvan people.  

The modern Kyzyl is the administrative center of the Republic of Tyva. It is an industrial, transport, scientific, business and cultural center which forms part of Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities.


The main sectors of Kyzyl industry are mining, forestry, woodworking and fuel industries.


Kyzyl is the main transport center of the Republic. The city provides regular bus, river and air communication services, including the highway A162 running throughout the whole republic; it also connects Kyzyl with Ak-Dovurak, the second largest city of Dagestan.

The federal highway М54 “Yenisey” connects Kyzyl with Abakan and Mongolia through Erzin, it also connects Kyzyl with the eastern part of the republic by the highway running to Sarig-Sep. The bus services are provided by MUE “Kyzyl ATP” and private companies and make regular trips from Kyzyl to Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Irkutsk.

Local and long distance flights are regularly carried out from Kyzyl airport (flights to Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk).


  • Obelisk «Center of Asia»
  • National museum of the Republic of Tyva
  • Square Arata. Fountain complex.
  • V. Kok-ool Tuvan State Music and Drama theater
  • National park of culture and rest of Nikolay Gastello

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Rescue service — 01, (39422) 2-3278
  • Police — 02, (39422) 9-3602
  • Ambulance — 03, (39422) 3-5885, 9-1227
  • Tuvgas — 04, (39422) 6-6055
  • Intercity telephone station (order department) — 07
  • Telephone directory inquiry service of Kyzyl — 09
  • EMERCOM service — (39422) 2-1352
  • Tuvin search and rescue service — (39422) 4-0269
  • MIA service — (39422) 2-1824
  • Traffic Police service — (39422) 5-6629
  • Inquiry care center — (39422) 3-2285
  • FSS service  — (39422) 2-1719
  • FSS Hotline service — (39422) 2-1077
  • Tuva Customs service — (39422) 2-2124
  • Migration service of the Republic of Tuva — (39422) 3-0441

Sources of touristic information

Tourist Information Center:

Kyzyl, Kalinin Str. 1B, office 205

Telephone: (39422) 6-4545

Territorial authorities of Russian EMERCOM  

Address: Sladskaya Str. 1B, 667007 – Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva

Telephone: (39422) 2-1079

Fax: (39422) 2-1236