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Lipetsk Region

Lipetsk regionReserve Ensemble Ascension Cathedral

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Lipetsk Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 24 047 km2
Population: 1 157 852 persons.

Emblem of Lipetsk origion
Emblem of Lipetsk origion

Flag of Lipetsk region
Flag of Lipetsk region


Lipetskaya oblast is-the subject of  the Russian Federation.

Have you ever smelt the fragrance of cherry? No. You did not smell it, if not attended the Lipetskaya oblast, where is world's largest nursery of this romantic plants. This region is created by God for the pleasures of traveling in its spaces. Picturesque landscape, amazing cultural sites, unique local cuisine, and healing mineral water - all this creates a magical flavor of hospitable land. The people here are hospitable, smiling and kind.

Having visited Lipetsk land, you will smile on pleasant memories, too, and cherry flavor will be  long circling your head and be in the most romantic dreams.

The administrative  center is Lipetsk.

It was founded on- January 6, 1954

The population is 1,157,852 people (2010). The population density is 48 persons / km ².

The area includes 328 municipalities, including two cities of regional subordination, 18 municipalities, 6 towns and 302 rural settlements.

It borders on the Kursk, Orel, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov and Voronezh regions.


The current territory of the Lipetsk region was annexed to the Grand Duchy of Moscow in the  XV-XVl  centuries. In the early XVlll th century on the order of Peter I on the basis of deposits of ironstone near the confluence of the river  Lipovka into  Voronezh river, (at the site of the future city of Lipetsk) were constructed  steel and metalworking plants. In the same period in the separation of the Russian state on the territory of the modern province of Lipetsk region became part of the Azov province.

Since 1779, it was  in  Tambov governorship (Lipetsk received the status of a county town) in 1796 it became  Tambov province.

In November, 1917 in Lipetsk, Soviet power was proclaimed. Since the mid 1930's  Lipetsk is  a major industrial  Chernozem centre.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941—1945 on the territory of   Lipetsk region of modern military operations took place, part of the territory was occupied by Nazi troops. Administrative-territorial formation of  Lipetsk region with its center in the city of Lipetsk, was established  on January 6, 1954.

Geographical location, natural resources, climate

It is located in the central part of European Russia, 400 km south of Moscow.  The western part of the field is a lofty plain (the height above sea level to 262 m), heavily dissected by river valleys, ravines and gullies. The eastern part is a lowland (altitude 170 m), is a plain with a large number saucepan-like lowlands depressions (sinkholes).

The largest rivers are the Don (with its tributaries Beautiful Might and Pine) and Voronezh (with its tributaries Stanovaya Ryasa and Matyra). Almost all rivers, except Ranova, belong to the basin of the Don.

The predominant soil type is — black soil.

The climate is temperate continental. The coldest month of the year is January. Change in average January temperatures can be traced from the south-west to the north-east.

In the southwest area of the average temperature in January is -9,7 ° C, in the northeast of -10,9 ° C. However, sometimes in January, temperatures can drop significantly due to the intrusion of Arctic air masses. The warmest month of the year is July. The average temperature in it — ranging from +18,5 ° C in the north-west to + 20,2 ° C in the south-east.  

Well known in the country are Lipetsk mineral springs and mud found in 1871.


The region ranks first in Russia for production of household refrigerators and freezers. Development of ferrous metallurgy, machine building, metalworking, electricity, food, chemical, light industry.


Favourable climatic conditions, the presence of black soil, contribute to the development of crop production. The main areas of agriculture are cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, cattle, pig and poultry farming.


The total length of roads is 7,8 thousand km, according to their saturation the region is among the top ten Russian regions. Quality of roads is constantly improving, as well as new ones are being built. In 2008, began construction of the eastern perimeter of Lipetsk beltway (LKAD), the construction of road to "Kulikovo Field" - the shortest route to Moscow.

 In addition to regional roads is being reconstructed running through the area ​​federal highway M4 Don. The total length of railway network is over 800 km. The territory is crossed by three railway lines.

 Major junctions are Elets and Gryazy. For communication with other regions by air in the area there is an airport "Lipetsk", as well as a number of airfields local (near us. Dancov points, Terbuny and Chaplygin). Lipetsk Airport will soon adopt international status.


Verkhny Pond

• Peter's Slope

• Nizhny Pond

• Church of the Nativity of Christ

• House of Soviets

• Church of the Dormition

• St. Nicholas Church

Famous People

Sorokin, Viktor Semenovich - People's Artist of Russia

• Mashkov Ivan Pavlovich - Russian Soviet architect, restorer, educator, scholar of ancient Russian architecture

• Georgy Plekhanov - the theorist and propagandist of Marxism, a philosopher, a prominent figure in the Russian and the international socialist movement

• Konstantin A. Moskalenko - a scientist, educator and innovator

Phones for communication in emergencies

• Unified phone of firemen and rescue workers - 01

• Unified rescue service - 112

• Police - 02

• Ambulance - 03

• Emergency gas service - 04

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the region

Territorial authorities of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Lipetsk region:

398024, Lipetsk, 2 A Panin Street