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Tambov region

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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Tambov Region

Federal District: The Central Federal District

Area: 34 462 km2
Population: 1 088 437 persons.

Emblem of Tambov  region
Emblem of Tambov region

Flag of Tambov region
Flag of Tambov region


Tambov region - the subject of the Russian Federation.

Administrative center-Tambov.

Founded-  September 27, 1937.

Borders with  Ryazan, Penza, Saratov, Voronezh and Lipetsk regions.

Population density - 32.1 persons per km² the proportion of urban population — 57,6% (2009).


The ancient population of Tambov region has been Mordovians-Moksha, formed as a nation of local ethnic groups in VI century BC. The first Russian settlers came here in the pre-Mongol times, but no final settlement has occurred in XVII century.

To protect the borders of southern Russia from the raids of the Tatars and the further development of Chernozemya, the Russian government built fortresses Kozlov (1635) and Tambov (1636). They are reliably blocked the main road to the nomads on Russian land and opened up the possibility for a quick settlement of the region. Originally, there were  Tambov and Kozlowski counties. During the administrative reforms of Peter I in 1708 and 1719's, they were a part of  Azov (Voronezh) province.

In 1779, a new administrative division occurs Tambov governorship, and from 1796 -Tambov Province area is 66,5 thousand km², with 12 counties.

Almost unchanged, it survived until 1928. During the Civil War  in the province  broke out  anti-Bolshevik uprising. In Tambov (1920—1921) on  16 July, 1928 the transition took place: district and regional administrative division. In the former Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol and Tambov provinces created the Central Chernozem region (Central Black Earth). Tambov became the administrative center of Tambov Region (abolished in 1930).

 On June 13, 1934 the Central Chernozem region was divided into  Kursk and Voronezh regions. On September 27, 1937 from  Voronezh and Kuibyshev regions  highlighted the decision of the CEK of the USSR about  indipandant Tambov region.

Geographical location, natural resources, climate

Tambov region lies in the southern part of the East European Plain, in the central part of the Oka-Don Plain. Region occupies the central part of the Oka-Don (Tambov) plain (the height to 219 meters). Pologovolnisty a relief, dissected by ravines and gullies. The field "Central" — 887 million m³ ilmenite-rutile-zircon sand with 4% metal content and capability of industrial gold content of about village Nikolsky, Rasskazovsky  District, Phosphate rock, construction materials, mineral paints and peat.

Most known deposits of sand -Tambov, Polkovsky. On the region takes place around 1400 rivers, creeks and streams. The most important rivers -Cna (Volga basin), Raven Bityug, Voronezh, and Zavala (Don basin).

Water resources also include about 900 ponds and reservoirs with a total water volume of 534.5 million m³. Tambov region located in the - gray forest soils. Through the valleys and ravines - meadow-chernozem and peat bog.

Forests (main tree species -pine, oak, maple, linden, ash, birch, aspen), occupy about 1/10 territory. Preserved hare, fox, ferret, rodents.

In Tambov region is Voroninsky Reserve.


Mechanical engineering (production of chemical equipment, components and spare parts for cars and tractors, machinery for the textile industry, instrumentation, refrigerators, metal-forming machines), -4 100 tons, Sugar - 564.6 tons, Electricity -1400 kW ferrous metals - 116 tons. Wood production -116 thousand m³, lumber - 67 sq m³.


Cultivated crops, sugar beet, sunflower, fodder crops, potatoes. Horticultural activities. Based on processing of grain and potatoes produce ethanol, starch and molasses. Livestock area specializes in breeding cattle dairy beef cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.


The main railway line in South-Eastern Railway, linking the center with the southern regions, passes through the western part of town Michurinsk besides area crossed by several other lines: a double-track non-electrified Michurinsk - Tambov - Rtishchevo, single-track Ryazhsk - Morshansk-Penza, Dirt - Povorino, Tambov-Balashov and branch Bogoyavlensk - Chelnov. The main motorway - the M6 "Caspian", passing near Michurinsk and Tambov, through Zherdevsky area and connects to the center of Volgograd and Astrakhan regions of Kalmykia. For the region is significant  the road "Tambov-Morshansk-Shack (exit on the motorway M5). Previously, the river Cna small river boats from a network of European Russia was available and the center of the city of Tambov region.

In Tambov, near the village of Don is the airport for local airlines. In the northwest, in the village of Pervomaisky, a large compressor station on the pipeline Urengoy-Uzhgorod ", thread on Morshansk from the Central Asia-Center". In the central part of its pipelines, "Samara-Sumy" and "Samara-Uzhgorod", as well as the largest oil pipeline "Druzhba", in the village area Novonikolsk Michurinsky significant compressor, control and liquid pipeline capacity of Transneft and Transnefteproduct.


  • One of the main attractions of the area are:
  • Tambov Regional Art Gallery
  • Tambov State of the Order of Merit Drama Theatre House-Museum,
  • GV Chicherin Tambov Oblast Universal Scientific Library.
  • Pushkin Tambov Regional Children's Library
  • Museum of the History of Medicine of the Tambov Region

Famous People

 • Eugene Boratynsky (1800-1844) - Russian poet, Pushkin's friend, one of the most important Russian poets of the first half of the XIX century

• Alexei Verstovsky (1799-1862) - Russian composer and theatrical figure

• Lodygin, Alexander (1847-1923) - Russian electrical engineer, inventor of the incandescent lamp (11 July 1874)

 • Alexey Sergeyev (1919-1998) - People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate

 • Vladimir Zeldin (b. 1915) - Soviet and Russian actor and People's Artist of USSR (1975), a theater of the Russian Army