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Kazan Cathedral Museum of the Decembrists. Michael - Archangel ChurchMonument to soldiers fighting for the Soviet  Power in Trans BaikalPioneer monument to Peter and his comrades Beketov

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Trans-Baikal Territory

Federal District: The Siberian Federal District

Area: 538 km2
Population: 309 000 persons.


Chita — a city (since 1851) in Russia, administrative center of the Trans-Baikal region.

Founded - in 1653.

Population: 309 000 people (2010).

The city's area is: 538 km².

Internal division of 4 districts: Rail, Ingodinsky, Central, Chernov.


The oldest mention of the village of Chita in morden  place is in a letter of Plenipotentiary Fedor Golovin, wrote in December 1687.

In 1897, Chita was united with the West by rail, 15 July 1899 was laid down the existing station building and now has begun to move the section of the railway Chita-Sretensk.

Following the 1900 railway Chita became the largest transportation hub and industrial center of the Trans-Baikal. During the first Russian revolution in the city  was proclaimed a republic.

Soviet power in Chita was established in February 1918. In the period from 1920 to 1922, Chita was the capital of the Far Eastern Republic, from 1922 - the center of Trans-Baikal province. In 1926, Chita was the county town of the Far Eastern region, and from 1937 was the center of the Chita region.

Since March 1, 2008 - the administrative center of the Trans-Baikal region. Chita is a member of the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities (1998), the Congress of Municipalities of the Russian Federation (2002), the Russian Union of Historical Cities and Regions (2003).

Geographical position

Chita surrounds the magnificent surroundings of nature. From the south-west to north-east across the entire territory extends Yablonovy ridge. From the south, east and north of the capital of Transbaikalia protect from cold winds spurs Ridge Range, having a length of 800 km. They are adjacent, and continue to run parallel Borschovochny, Malhansky, Daursky, Argun and Gazimuro-Onon ridges. Crests of ridges wavy, rounded tops. The highest point - Mount Small Saranakan with a mark of 1579 meters to the north-east of the territory. In the valley of the river Molokovki 30 kilometers from Chita Devil's Peak is a mountain (altitude mountains 1,120 meters). The definition of "damn" is due to inaccessibility to the mountain climbers.

Excellent tourist facilities - the so-called Kadalinskie gate, located in the spurs Yablonovy ridge. From the height of rock "Eagle ", "The Bear", "Fledgling, " "Two Friends" offers a marvelous panorama of the mountain taiga and alpine meadows. Vast panorama opens from the mountains of Chita. The whole city, at a glance, see the Lake Kenon and Yablonovy ridge.


One of the core enterprises of the city - JSC "Chita Keys." The largest plant in the province, which produces beer and soft drinks. Products Chita Keys "is well known in the city as well as outside it - in the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, Maritime and Amur region, as well as in China and Mongolia.

The dominant industry is energy. Currently characterized by the development of the construction. Partially updated look of the city. Built a large temple in the Railway Square.


  • Trans-Baikal regional drama theater
  • Transbaikalia State Theatre dolls "Tridevyatoe kingdom"
  • Theatre of national cultures "Zabaikalsky patterns"
  • Municipal Folklore Theatre
  • Transbaikalia Theater song and dance "Amar Sain"
  • Concert and cultural complexes
  • Transbaikalia boundary
  • Philharmonic Palace of culture of railwaymen
  • District House of Russian army officers
  • Museums Trans-Baikal regional museum to them