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Republic of Adygea

Water Falls RufbagoSt. Michael's MonasterySt. Michael's Monastery

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Adygeya

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 7 792 km2
Population: 441,2 persons.

Emblem of  Republic Adygea
Emblem of Republic Adygea

Flag of  Republic  Adygea
Flag of Republic Adygea


The Republic of Adygea the subject of the Russian Federation

The administrative center is Maikop city.

The Adygea republic's territory is surrounded by the territory of Krasnodar Krai.

The population of the Republic of Adygeais about 450 thousand people.

The Republic is divided into 7 administrative districts (Giaginsk, Koshekhabl, Krasnogvardiysk, Maikop, Tahtamukaysk, Teuchezhsk, Shovgenovsk), 46 rural administrations, where 224 settlements are located. There are 2 cities of republican value Maikop and Adygeysk, 5 urban-type settlement in the republic.


The current territory of Adygea has been inhabited since ancient times. We can find the written evidences about the ancestors of the Circassians in the works of Greek writers from c V century BC. The Circassians are the people who gave the name of the republic, they are the earliest inhabitants of North-West Caucasus, known since the XIII century. Adyghe language refers to the Adyghe-Abkhaz group of Caucasian languages.

In Middle Ages famous Silk Road from Europe to Asia was here. Ancestors of the Circassians have created a culture known to the world archeology as Maikop. Dozens of burial mounds connected by the legends, mysterious dolmens give evidence of ancient Caucasians’ brightest bloom and their close ties with Europe and East countries.

According to various sources, at the beginning of XIX century, the total number of the Circassians reached 700-750 thousand people.

Geografic location, natural resources, climate

The geographical position of Adygea is very convenient. It provides favorable conditions for its economic development. Railway and automobile roads link the Republic of Adygea with many regions of Krasnodar Krai, the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union.

The climate of the Republic of Adygea is warm-temperate with the rainfall level 540-860 mm annually.

The relief roughness, forest coverage and rainfall level cause the exceptional scenic landscapes. Located in the western part of North Caucasus, Adygea refers to the area having the most favorable conditions for specialization on the sanatorium treatment and tourism. Balneological resources of the republic are mineral waters. Thermal waters in Maikop area have a greatest practical importance.

Mountainous part of North-West Caucasus is represented by a system of Front and Dividing Ranges. Here the relief is alpine glacial-tectonic and erosional-tectonic in nature, due to the presence of bogen -folded structures of pre-Mesozoic age. The glacial landforms, such as karren, cirques, trough valleys are widespread. Mountain range Fisht Oshten is begun by Main Range. In some mountain ranges, reaching the snow line, in particular on Fisht Mount, there are small valley glaciers. On the slope of Fisht, Oshtena, as well as on extensive Lagonaksk plateau karst topography is developed due to the prevalence of Upper Jurassic limestone here. Most of the mountains of Adygea are Lagonakskoe Highlands. It stretches from north to south and from east to west for more than 40-45 km. Its average height is 1200-1800 m. Major elements of Highlands orographic are Guam Range, Lagonaksk Range, Azishtau Range, Chernogorie plateau, Murzikao plateau, Utiug plateau, Kamenoe Range of Lagonaksk Highlands, the mountains of Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

The Center of mountainous part of Lagonaksk Highlands is a mountain group Fisht. Height of mountain Fisht is 2867 m. Southern, eastern and western sides of it are steeped and dissected by glacial cirques, troughs, karst basins, tectonic fractures. In the west Fisht connects with Pshekha-Su Massif, its height is 2743 m. In the north of Pshekha-Su is Oshten Massif (2804 m). Mountains Chugush and Tyga are the highest mountains in the republic’s territory, their height is above 3,000 m, they are in the includedin the territory of Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve, and therefore they are little visited and are not used for recreational activities.

The Republic of Adygea is located in the central part of North-West Caucasus, in the basins of Kuban, Laba and Belaya rivers.

At a high density of rivers system Adygea is poor of lakes. You can name only two small alpine lakes. One of them is karst-glacial Psenodah Lake, located at the northern foot of Fisht Oshtenovskogo Massif. Other one is the largest lake in Adygea, this is Hukou Lake, which is located just south, in the dividing boundary range, having the same name with the name of the lake.

Psenodah Lake is situated at 1938 meters above sea level in a closed basin and is fed by melted snow and has no rainwater runoff. The length of the lake curved arc in the form of crescent is 165 m, average depth is 0.8 m, and maximum is 3.5 m. Hukou Lake is located in the extreme southwest corner of the mountain on the border of Adygea and Krasnodar Krai, in 8 km to the west of Circassian heights. Its height above sea level is 200 m lower than of Psenodah lake. Hukou is karst-tectonic lake shaped like an oval, elongated from south-east to north-west for about 260 m.


Industrial production of agriculture is 32% of the total industrial output of the republic.

The leading place is occupied by cultivation and processing of grain, sugar beets, oilseeds and oil-bearing crops, vegetables and fruits, tobacco, cattle breeding, pig, sheep, poultry and horse breeding. The unique natural and climatic conditions of Adygea contribute to the growth of southern crops such as peach, cherry, dogwood, quince, pear, grapes and tea.


There is an international airport, railway stations, automobile roads.

Types of tourism:

·         Active tourism

·         Cultural and knowing tourism

·         Health tourism

·         Ecological tourism


  • Plateau Lago-Naki
  • Khadzhokhsky narrow
  • Granite Canyon
  • Dolmens
  • Ridge "Kamenoe More"
  • Turkish Bazaar
  • Cossack Stone
  • Rufabgo Falls
  • Mosque
  • Khadzhokhsky pillars


Adygei cuisine is a wide range of dishes, which includes the first, main dishes, meat dishes (mostly lamb, beef, poultry), products of cereals and flour, vegetable dishes, milk products, and much more.

The best known dishes are Adyghe cheese, schelyam, which is Circassian doughnuts, Adygei salt, schips (sauce with meat), bakhsym (alcohol drink made from wheat or corn) and others.

Famous natives

-        Asya Aslanovna Eutykh (December 8, 1962) is  Russian jeweler, gunsmith, member of the Commonwealth of artists of Russia, National Artist of the Republic of Adygeya

-        Vladimir Mikhailovich Nevzorov (October 5, 1952) is the famous Soviet judoist and sambo fighter. Olympic champion, world champion, and the champion of the USSR

-        Muharbiy Nurbaevich Kirzhinov (January 1, 1949) is the famous Soviet weightlifter, Olympic champion and world champion

-        Tembot Magometovich Kerashev (1902-1988) - Adyghe Soviet writer

-        Hazret Medzhidovich Sovmen (May 1, 1937) is Russian businessman, great gold industry entrepreneur, politician, the former President of the Republic of Adygeya (February 8, 2002 - December 13, 2007)

-        Yakub Kamboletovich Koblev (December 27, 1939) is the legendary judo coach, who is now the rector of the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo of Adyghe State University

Phones for communication in emergencies

Emergency Control Centre of DIF: Maikop — Proletarskaya, b. 221, tel. (8772) 52-3071

Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for the Republic of Adygeya, the Republic of Adygeya: Maikop, Khakyrate St., b. 642.

Joint helpline of the Chief Directorate of the MES for the Republic of Adygeya — (8772) 56-8078

Watch officer — (8772) 56-8742

Medical assistance

Injury care center — Pervomayskaya St., b. 230, tel. (8772) 52-1031

Emergency medical services — 03

Sources of information on tourism opportunities of the region  

For more information on tourism opportunities of the region it's recommended to see the website of the Committee on Tourism and Health Resorts of the Republic of Adygeya:

Territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for the Republic of Adygeya:

385021, Maikop, Khakyrate St.,b. 642

Telephone: (8772) 59-99-92