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Commemorative plaque on the wall of the fortress city of StavropolAndreevskiy CathedralThe monument to Red Army soldiers who liberated StavropolStone Cross

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Stavropol Territory

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 242,36 km2
Population: 369 100 persons.


Stavropol is a city of regional subordination in the south of Russia, administrative center of Stavropol Krai. It is interesting that Stavropol is equidistant from the North Pole and the Equator. One of the streets of the city is known as the 45th Parallel which reflects the exact latitudinal position.

Founded in 1777, it became a city in 1785.

Population is 370 thousand people.

The city covers an area of 242.36 square kilometers.


The territory of Stavropol has been inhabited since ancient times. It is evidenced by more than 20 towns and settlements from the Late Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The modern history of Stavropol goes back to 1777, beginning from the foundation of the Azov-Mozdok Defensive Line Fortress.

The settlement soon acquired the status of the city which almost immediately became the main gate of Russia in the Caucasus.

When the Caucasian War was over the military, political and economic importance of Stavropol became less significant.

The events of the Russian revolutions of the early XX century also took place in Stavropol. The city migrated under the banners of the "Red" and "White” movement.

According to the population census in 1939, there were 85.000 residents in Stavropol. The peak of industrial construction in Stavropol was registered after World War II (especially in 1960-1970).

Modern Stavropol is a major industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of the North Caucasus.


The industry activities are mechanic engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, chemistry, biochemistry, oil and gas industry, construction and food industry.


There are the following types of transport operating in Stavropol: air, railway, bus and local electric transport - trolleybus.

The city railway station is in operation. You may travel directly from Stavropol to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vorkuta, Arkhangelsk and Adler. For schedule information call: (8652) 28-0840.

The highways A 154 Stavropol - Elista - Astrakhan and l R269 Stavropol – Bataysk are laid across the city.

Central Bus Station (trips to the Black Sea coast and the cities of Russia) operates in the city; Bus Station No.1 (trips to Nevinnomyssk, towns and villages of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region, as well as of the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia), Bus Station No.2 (trips to nearby towns and villages of Stavropol Krai)

The Air Gateway of Stavropol is the Stavropol Airport.


  • Fortress Mountain
  • Stavropol State Local History Museum named after G. N. Prozriteleva and G. K. Prave
  • Landscape Art Gallery of the Honored Artist of Russia, Honorary Citizen of Stavropol - P. M.  Grechishkin
  • Drama Theatre named after M. Lermontov
  • Victory Park and Central Park

Emergency Telephones:

(8652) 112 - the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

(8652) 01 - Fire Service

(8652) 02 - Police

(8652) 03 - Ambulance

Sources of Tourism Information in the Region

Information on tourism opportunities of the region can be obtained in the Ministry of Economic Development of Stavropol Krai, located at:

Stavropol, 8 Marta Str., 164

Tel.: (8652) 24-0582, (8652) 24-5226

Official websites of the Ministry: