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The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Mordovia

Federal District: The Privolzhsky Federal District

Area: 71,5 km2
Population: 296 400 persons.


Saransk — a city in Russia, which is a capital of the Republic of Mordovia. The city issituated on the crossroads that connect Astrakhan and Moscow, Crimea and Kazan.

The city was founded in 1641.

Population is 296.4 thousand inhabitants (2010).Territory: 71,5


Saransk (originally Saranesk) was founded in 1641 as a fortress on the south-eastern outskirts of the Russian state. The population of the fortress (the Cossacks, archers, gunners) consisted of Russian, Mordovians and Tatars. The fortress was called The Saransk Ostrozhek and situated on the bank of the river Insar, in the body of the river Sarley (modern Saranka). The names have the underlying stem «sara», what means «a huge sedge moor, a swamped valley flat».

In 1651 the city of Saransk became a district city.n the XVIII century Saransk lost its military importance and became commercial and industrial city. Since 1708 the city used to be a part of the government of Azov and later Kazan, but since 1801 the city was a part of the Penza region. For the several times the city of Saransk was almosty destroyed by fire, but each time the city was rebuilt again and again.

At the end of the XIX century the railroad track from Moscowto Kazan was lead though the city, what made the political and economic life of it more vivid. 

After the October Revolution lots of companies stopped work in Saransk, the recovery of the city was completed only in 1928.

In 1934 the city of Saransk became the capital of The Republic of Mordovia.

Geographical position

The city is located on the left bank of the river Insar (the Volga basin), that is 642 km south-east of Moscow.


The main industries are: engineering, metalworking, tool engineering, electric-power and food industries.


Saransk is a main railway station of Kuibyshev Railway. The city also has a platform of Posop, Saransk-2 and the 32-nd km, which are used to stop the commuter trains that follow from Ruzaevka and Krasnyi Uzel. Saransk is located at the intersection of highways. They are: M-5 "Ural", P-158 (from Nizhny Novgorod to Saratov), P-178 (from Saransk to Surskoye and Ulyanovsk), R179 (Saransk — Ruzaevka — Paygarm), R180 (Saransk —Krasnoslobodsk — Novoe Poselenye). The Saransk Airport provides regular flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg. At summer time there are some more flights to Sochi.


1. Church of St. John the Evangelist

2. Three Saints Church

3. Pugachevskaya tent (They say that Yemelyan Pugachev used to organize banquets)

4. Memorial sculpture set with sculptural portraits dedicated to prominent figures of Saransk

Famous natives

• Kuzma Abramov — a famous writer of the Republick

• Ia Arepina — was a Soviet actress

• Bezzubova Thekla Ignatyevna — the folk storyteller of Mordovia

• Boldin Ivan Vasilyevich — Soviet military leader of World War II, Colonel-General

• Lyulyakina, Seraphima Markovna (1922—1993) — writer, poet, storyteller

• Ryabov, Anatolyvf Pavlovich — Mordovia writer

• Savinov, Alexei Ivanovich — Head of Federal Forestry Agency of Russia

• Chetverin, Vladimir — martyr, canonized in 2007