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MakhachkalaMakhachkalaFighting Glory MuseumMakhachkala

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Daghestan

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 468 km2
Population: 468 700 persons.


Makhachkala is the capital of the Republic of Dagestan, the southern city of Russia famous for its fruitful lands and beauty of the mountain regions. Special atmosphere of relax is created by the warm climate of its place. It was founded in 1844 and became a city in 1857.

In 2010 the population of the city was 468,7 thousand people.

Area of the city: 468 km².


Makhachkala is situated on the narrow strip of the low plains of the western coast of Caspian Sea between the Tarki-Tau Mountain and the sea which was called «the corridor of Dagestan» long time ago. Tarki village located on the territory of modern Makhachkala played a significant role in the history of struggle for this corridor. Since XV century Tarki was already known as a commercial center though which many caravan routes passed to the city of Derbent, one of the oldest cities in the world.  

The modern city of Makhachkala was founded in 1844 when Petrovskoe fortification was laid on the hill of Angie-Arch; it got its name in commemoration of Peter I who stayed in these places (in 1722 the tsar stayed there during the Persian campaign). The creation of military fortification symbolized the beginning of a city construction and on October 24, 1857 the Petrovskoe fortification got the status of a city of Petrovsk. Starting this date the modern Makhachkala celebrated its birthday. On May 14, 1921 Makhachkala got its name in the memory of Makhach Dakhadaev, one of the organizers of struggle for Soviet power in Dagestan. Later the city of Makhachkala became the capital of Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic in accordance with the order of Revolutionary Committee of Dagestan.

At the end of the XIX and the beginning of XX century an intensive development of the city took place. The railway Rostov — Baku, which allowed the trained to arrive till Port-Petrovsk was finally built. By 1897 the population of the city increased in more in than four times and exceeded 8,7 thousand people.

Fishing and fish processing received a considerable development. Fisheries producing a large number of valuable herring, sturgeon and salmon fishes started to appear close to the city. In the XX century millions of tons of herring were produced; the smoked sturgeon and caviar of sturgeon species gained the worldwide fame.

During the Soviet period the capital of Dagestan was rapidly developed, from the 30s till 80s the population increased in more than 10 times; the main social infrastructure, modern system of education and basic sectors of industry appeared at that time.


Recently the industrial factories of the city specializing in military production, forestry, metal processing, electronic, fish processing and other products increased their production in more than 5 times.

Nowadays manufacturing of furniture and construction materials is growing very fast.


Railway stations

  • Makhachkala-1-sorting
  • Makhachkala-2-port
  • Station on the North-Caucasian railway


  • MoscowMakhachkala
  • MakhachkalaSaint-Petersburg
  • MakhachkalaBaku
  • AstrakhanMakhachkala
  • MoscowBaku
  • BakuSaint-Petersburg
  • BakuKiev
  • BakuTyumen
  • MakhachkalaDerbent
  • MakhachkalaKhasaviurt

Urban itineries

  • 3 trolley buses
  • Shuttle taxis (more common)

Uytash airport and sea port are active.


  • Central (Juma) mosque of Makhachkala
  • Cathedral mosque of Makhachkala
  • Cathedral of Holy Assumption
  • First mounds of Makhachkala
  • Theatre of Music and Drama  

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Fire service — 01
  • Police — 02
  • Ambulance — 03
  • EMERCOM rescue service — (8722) 67-1494
  • Traffic Police emergency call — (8722) 67-2708
  • MIA service  — (8722) 68-2728 Д
  • OMON service — (8722) 64-7154
  • ATC service — (8722) 68-2669
  • FSS service — (8722) 67-5223

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