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MaikopMosque, MaikopMaikopMaikop

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Adygeya

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 282,2 km2
Population: 154 800 persons.


Maykop is one of the most beautiful cities in the North Caucasus due its wide streets, as if lined up with the help of ruler, as well as due to vast green trees and shrubs, many areas, squares and a picturesque park at the river Belaya. The Caucasian hospitality makes this region a real paradise for tourists. Residents of Maykop are proud of the fact that the ​​green planting occupies 827 hectares from the total city area equal to 5862 hectares. 10 000 new trees, 50 000 shrubs and almost 1 000 000 flowers are planted per each year. It is hard to imagine - it should be witnessed. The history of this land is full of mysteries of ancient times.

The city is known all over the world due to the archaeological excavations of the late XIX century, during which scientists discovered Maykop burial mounds of the Bronze Age. Valuable vessels were found inside the tomb of the head of a clan, which are exhibited now at the Hermitage.

Be sure to visit the Regional History Museum. The Hermitage scientists and State History Museum personnel made their contribution to the equipment of the Regional History Museum. Currently, the museum includes more than 70 thousand exhibits. It has a rich collection of applied art, including unique collections of gold embroidery work, silver coins and daggers.

The Caucasus Mountains with beautiful forests and romantic waterfalls are spread near Maykop. Here, natural monuments impress any imagination and lovers of active tourism may get real pleasure from all types of travel with a certified safety system. Come to visit Adygea with your families and friends all year round. You will acquire an unforgettable experience for your life. This region gives something special to every season, since the true beauty is beyond time.

Maykop is the capital of the Republic of Adygea.

Population is about 180 thousand people. Maykop is situated in the piedmont forest-steppe zone of the republic.

Summers are warm, with the average temperature +23 degrees in July, winters are soft, with the average temperature -1.7 degrees in January.

The capital of Adygea is situated 1669 km away from Moscow.


The city of Maykop was established on May 17, 1857. That day, a Russian fortress was founded on the right steep bank of the Belaya River, later surrounded by a moat and high rampart.

In 1858-1863, in the final stage of the Caucasian War (1817-1864), the fortress served as an important military and strategic point in Kuban region needed to conquest Circassia (Adygea).

The Kuban Cossack Host was established in 1860. It was divided into seven subdivisions, including the Maykop one. In 1864, after the war was over, the territory of modern Adygea was finally annexed to Russia and became part of Kuban Oblast. The North Caucasus was quickly populated during the peaceful years.

In 1870, Maykop became a chief town of a uyezd (district); a year later a military government was abolished, and a city regulation was introduced in 1878. 

Maykop has been the capital of the Republic of Adygea since 1936, as well its administrative, economic and cultural center. Over the period of the existence of Adygea as territorial and state formation (1922), Maykop has grown from a small town into a modern cultural and administrative center.

The name "Maykop" originates from the Adygei word "мыекъуапэ" (myekuape) what means the valley of apple trees. An image of apple-tree leaves became one of the symbols in semantics of the city emblem.


The main industries are food and wood processing, pulp and paper industry, manufacturing engineering, metalworking and light industry. Hydro-Electric Power Station of Maykop is situated on the Belaya River within the city.


The city of Maykop is the largest transportation centre of the republic. Tuapse, the nearest seaport, is situated 150 km away from Maykop.


  • Oshad Burial Mound
  • Memorial to the soldiers of the 131st Motorized Rifle Brigade
  • Brewery
  • Cathedral Mosque
  • City Recreation Park
  • Monument to Saint Nicholas
  • Fire Tower

Emergency Telephones

Call Centre of the Department of Internal Affairs in Maykop: Proletarskaya Str., 221, tel.: (8772) 52-3071

Duty Officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - (8772) 56-8742

Ambulance services:

Trauma center – Pervomayskaya Str., 230, tel. (8772) 52-1031

Ambulance - 03

 Famous people 

 Ishaq Mashbash - a national writer of Adygea, winner of State Prizes of USSR and Russia, the chairman of the Writers' Union of Adygea Asya Eutyh (b. 1962) - Jeweler, gunsmith, People's Artist of the Republic of Adygea. Sources of Tourism Information in the Region

For more information on tourism opportunities of the region, please, refer to the website of the Committee of the Republic of Adygea for Tourism and Resorts:

Territorial Authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Head Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Adygeya 385 021, Maykop, Hakurate Str., 642

Telephone: (8772) 59-99-92