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The administration of city districtMagasWalk of the RepublicThe building of the Administration of the Ingushetia's President  in Magas

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Ingushetia

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 12 km2
Population: 524 persons.


Magas — the official capital of the Republic of Ingushetia.

The town of republican subordination. Interestingly, by population size Magas is the smallest town in the Russian Federation.

As of 2010 population amounts to 524 inhabitants. The town was founded in 1995 in place of ancient town of the same name. The total area of the town is 3.5 sq. km.


In ancient times - the capital of state of the Alans - Magas (a fly).

The town was founded by Ruslan Aushev in 1995 in the place of the ncient town of the same name and was intended for administrative aims. At the end of 2002 Magas became the capital of Ingushetia instead of Nazran.

Geographical position

Magas is located 4 km to the south-east from Nazran. The town is located on pitching dipping terrace; it is 6-8 meters above the Sunzha riverbed; true  altitude is from 520 to 650 m above sea level.


Magas is the smallest by the population town in Russia. Industrial infrastructure is weakly developed in Magas, and is represented mainly by the enterprises of agriculture.


Due to the small population of the town there are only 2 intercity bus routes in Magas, acts , that fully fill transportation needs of citizens.

8 km from the town there is "Nazran" railway station , 30 km from the town - Airport Magas, alongside Magas  the federal highway "Kavkaz" runs.


 Suburb of  Magas is interesting by ancient monuments.

Today there are about 20 early middle-ages  settlements, which together form a fortified area of ​​more than a hundred square kilometers.

 • settlement "Hatoy-Boarz», VI-XIII centuries

• settlement "Murat-Boarz», VI-XIII centuries.

• settlement "Acham-Boarz",  period  of the Alans

• Museum-memorial devoted to the victims of political repressions

 Famous people

• Idris Bazorkin (1910-1993) - a classic of Ingush literature• Tembot Bekov - the creator of Ingush grammar

• Dzhamaldin Yandiyev - the first People's Poet of Ingushetia

• Said Chakhkiev – a known Ingush writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter and fabulist, children's   book writer and translator, publicist and public figure

• Madina Yandiyeva – a conductor, a leader of Paraguayan State Orchestra

• Zeynap Kodzoeva – an opera singer