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Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar TerritoryYew-tree groveGuam Gorge

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Krasnodar Territory

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 75 485 km2
Population: 5 161 000 persons.

Emblem of Krasnodar Territory
Emblem of Krasnodar Territory

Flag of Krasnodar Territory
Flag of Krasnodar Territory


Krasnodar Territory is the subject of the Russian Federation.

The administrative center is Krasnodar.

It was founded on September 13, 1937.

It borders  on the Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Adygea and Abkhazia. By sea it borders with the Crimea (the Ukraine).

The total population is 5.3 million.

The administrative-territorial division is into 37 municipalities and seven urban districts.


History of Kuban goes back for many millennia; it has been for long since fertile conditions attracted people to it. In the vastness of the boundless steppes roamed the Scythians, Cimmerians, Sarmatians, Meots, Cumans, Khazars, the Nogai. The ancient Greeks and medieval Genoese laid on the Black and Azov seas their cities and trading posts. It was founded by the legendary old Russian principality of Tmutarakan.

The development of the Kuban in the Russian Empire as inextricably connected with the history of the Cossacks. Here, in 1792 at Taman under the authority of Colonel Sava Bely landed the first batch of Black Sea Cossacks to protect the southern borders of the new Russian state. In her charter of, issued by the army of the Black Sea, Catherine II wrote: "... wanting to pay the troops deserve the Black Sea, the continual assertion of its wealth and brought to a successful stay can graciously bestowed that meter for an everlasting possession ... the island of Phanagoria from all over the earth, lying on the right side of the river Kuban from the mouth of it to Ust-Labinsk redoubt, so that on one hand the Kuban River, on the other - the Sea of ​​Azov to be the border town of Eisk military land. Army is to vigil and guard the border ... ".

The territory was formed from parts of the territories occupied by the pre-revolutionary Kuban area and the Black Sea province. Two administrative units have been merged into the Kuban-Black Sea region, which in 1920 occupied the territory of 105.5 thousand square kilometers.

In 1924 the North Caucasus region with its center in Rostov-on-Don, in 1934 it was divided into the Azov-Black Sea (center - Rostov-on-Don) and the North Caucasus (center - Stavropol) region.

In 1937, the Azov-Black Sea region was divided into the Rostov Region and the Krasnodar Territory, including Adygei Autonomous Region.

In 1991 Adygei Autonomous Region withdrew from the region and has been converted to the Republic of Adygea.

Modern Krasnodarsky region is the most important agricultural region of Russia with a developed industry.

Geographical location, natural resources, climate

Region is located in the southwestern part of the North Caucasus, the 45th parallel divides it roughly into two equal parts. Krasnodar Region is the southernmost region of Russia.

The territory is divided into two sharply distinguished parts: the northern plains and southern mountains. The flat area - Prikubanskaya lowland - is two-thirds of the territory and is the most economically developed part. The southern zone is formed by systems of mountain chains of the Western Caucasus, the adjacent strip of foothills and narrow band the Black Sea coast.

Located on the border of the temperate and subtropical latitudes, at the intersection of plains and mountains, it’s the land of diversity and variability of weather conditions. The climate in most parts is temperate-continental, on the Black Sea coast (south of Tuapse) - subtropical. The average January temperature in the plains is -3-5 degrees, 22-24 degrees in July.

Annual rainfall varies from 350 mm on the Taman Peninsula, 500 mm on the right bank of the Kuban to 2500 mm and above in the south-western slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. The region has more than 500 rivers, its main water artery - Kuban - one of the major rivers of the North Caucasus. To control the flow and expansion of rice systems were constructed Kryukovskoye, Varnavinskoye, Krasnodar reservoir; - the largest in the southern Russia.

The total land area of ​​the Krasnodar region is 7.5 million hectares, of which arable land is 3.9 million hectares. This is its main arable fund, characterized by high fertility.

Narrow strip on the left bank of the Kuban, Prikubanskaya sloping plain and part of the foothills are suitable for horticulture and cultivation of yellow tobacco.


Mechanical engineering and metal processing Krasnodar region are represented by more than 2500 enterprises of railway, agricultural, chemical and petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, machine building and defense industries, instrument making, repairing machinery and equipment. In the chemical industry of Krasnodar region operate more than 700 large, medium and small enterprises. Woodworking complex occupies an important place in the economy of Krasnodar region.

The favorable climatic conditions and geographical position of the Krasnodar Territory have allowed him to take a leading place among Russian regions for the production and processing of agricultural products.

The rich and varied soil and climatic conditions allow growing on the edge of the Kuban fields up to 100 different crops. Along with crop farming is widely represented.


In the Krasnodar Territory are:

• 9 ports: the largest in Russia - Novorossiysk and Tuapse ports of the Caucasus, Temryuk, Eisk - capacity to handle vessels of up to 5 tons., Port of Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik - specialize in servicing passenger traffic. Novorossiysk Shipping Company - the largest Russian shipping company

• The international airports of federal value - Krasnodar, Sochi, airports, federal - Anapa, Gelendzhik and the regional airport Yeisk

• More than 2.7 thousand km of railways

• 26 thousand km of highways


 • Krasnaya Street in Krasnodar

 • Gelendzhik

 • Sail Rock in Gelendzhik

Famous natives

Bahchivandzhi Grigory Yakovlevich (1909-1943) - Soviet test pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union

• Budzinsky Adolfovich Vladimir (1865-1923) - founder of the resort of Anapa, MD

• Varavva Ivan Federovich (1925-2005) - the national poet of the Republic of Adygea, honorary citizen of Krasnodar

• Gavrilovich Grabin Vasily (1900-1980) - designer of artillery, Colonel-General of Technical Troops

• Dorizo ​​Nicholay Konstantinovich (1923-2011) - Soviet poet, essayist, literary critic

• Zhigulenko Andreyevna Evgeniya (1920-1994) - the pilot, the film director, Hero of the Soviet Union

• Il'ichev Leonid Fedorovich (1906-1990) - Soviet philosopher, academician of the USSR

• Galina Aleksandrovna Kovaleva (1932-1995) - an opera singer, People's Artist of the USSR

• Dmitry Ilich Kozlov (1919-2009) - an outstanding designer of rocket space technology

• Kokkinaki Vladimir Konstantinovich (1904-1985) - the test pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union

• Kornitsky Mikhail Mikhailovich (1914-1943) - Member of landing near Novorossiysk in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union

• Korytin Andrey Sergeevich (1907-1989) - inventor of the seaplane, a public figure

• Yuri Polikarpovich Kuznetsov (1941-2003) - poet, laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR

• Loza Matveevich Gregory (1907-1979) - Academy of Agricultural Sciences, laureate of State Prize

• Lomako Petr Fadeevich (1904-1990) - Minister of Metallurgy of the USSR in 1966 - 1986's., Hero of Socialist Labor

• Lukyanenko Pavel Panteleimonovich (1901-1973) - scientist and plant breeder

• Liapidevskii Anatoly Vasilievich (1908-1983) - the pilot, Air Force Major General and Hero of the Soviet Union's number 1

• Poymanov Yevgeny Ivanovich (1930-2005) - an opera singer, teacher, People's Artist of the RSFSR

• Savitsky Evgeny Yakovlevich  (1910-1990) - Soviet fighter ace of World War II, commander, Air Marshal, twice Hero of the Soviet Union

• Sikora Ruzhena Vladimirovna (1918-2006) - singer, People's Artist of Russia

• Tolkunova Valentina Vasilievna (1946-2010) - singer, People's Artist of the RSFSR Merited Artist of the RSFSR

• Khryukin Timofey Timofeevich (1910-1953) - military pilot and a Soviet military commander, Hero of the Soviet Union

Phones for communication in emergencies

• Unified phone firefighters and rescue workers - 01

• Unified rescue service - 112

• Police - 02

• Ambulance - 03

• Emergency gas service - 04

Sources of information on tourism opportunities in the region

Krasnodar Region, Tuapse district, Shepsi Street. Sochi, 2

Phone: (988) 500-25-25

Territorial authorities of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Krasnodar Area:

350063, Krasnodar, 56 Mira str.