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Building of the National Art GalleryYoshkar-OlaMari National Theatre of M. ShketanYoshkar-Ola

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Republic of Mari El

Federal District: The Privolzhsky Federal District

Area: 101,80 km2
Population: 260 300 persons.


Yoshkar-Ola is a city of Russia, the capital of the Republic of Mariy-El.

It was based in 1584. It became a city from 1781.

Population is about 260,3 people.


The territory of modern Yoshkar-Ola was a part of Galickaya daruga of the Khanate of Kazan before the mid- XVI and was occupied by native Mari. In October 1552 Ivan the Terrible defeated the Khanate of Kazan and annexed these lands to the Moscow state.

"The Tsarev city on Kokshaga" (herefrom the later formed for a long time official name of the city Tsarevokokshaysk) was founded in 1854 under the tsar Fedor Ivannovich after the death of Ivan the Terrible. Primarily Tsarevokokshaysk was like a typical military strengthening sorrounded from 4 sides by earth banks with wood walls. In time, the city gave over to perform its military function becoming a trade centre.

Tsarevokokshaytsy took a part in Kuzma Minin and Dmitriy Pozharskiy's militia. In the creation of The Tsarev city on Kokshaga the Russian population came here. Near the fortress was situated suburb, inhabited by merchants and artisans, mostly coming from the central regions of the Russian state.

Under Peter I Tsarevokokshaisk was assigned to the Kazan province, which included all Volga region from Nizhny Novgorod to Astrakhan. In 1775 it was published a decree under which the Kazan province included only the Middle Volga region. Tsarevokokshaisk became a district centre of the newly converted Kazan province.

17 February of 1919 Tsarevokokshaisk was renamed to Krasnokokshaisk. 18 June of 1920 it was merged in Vyatskaya province and 25 November Krasnokokshaisk bacame it's administrative centre.

25 January of 1928 Krasnokokshaisk got Mari national name - Yoshkar-Ola ("Red city").

In December of 1936 Mari autonomy was reorganized to Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the city Yoshkar-Ola bacame its capital.

During the Great Patriotic War it was decided to evacuate some plants to Yoshkar-Ola, given a powerful incentive to industrial and social and economic development.

In 1990 Yoshkar-Ola was included in the number of historical cities of Russia.


The leading industries of Yoshkar-Ola are engineering and metalworking, building materials producing.


Yoshkar-Ola is a republican "attraction centre" of auto-roads, the highway "Vyatka" A119 goes through the city, making a connection between Cheboksary, Kirov and Syktyvkar.

In the immediate proximity are important highways of federal significance: railway Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg, auto-road Moscow - Cheboksary - Kazan - Yekaterinburg.

Trolley bus is a basic municipal public transport. It has developed route network (12 routes, lines dimension is 225 km). Cost of travel is 12 roubles.

There are 13 bus routes in Yoshkar-Ola, cost of travel is 12 roubles.

Altogether there are 19 route taxies, cost of travel now is 12 roubles.

The existing in Yoshkar-Ola Gorkovskaya railway station serves deluxe train №57/58 "Mariy El" from Yoshkar-Ola to Moscow (one pair per day), 3 pairs of suburban trains to Kazan and 2 pairs per day to Yaransk.

An airport is situated in 5 km to the north of the city. From the 1st November of 2010 there are regular flights to Moscow (Domodedovo).


• National museum of Mariy-El Republic n.a. T. Evseev

• Voznesenskaya church

Contact telephones in case of emergency

the Main Office of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic Mariy-El

(8362) 45-0563

Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection in the Republic Mariy-El

(8362) 68-1997

Information sources about regional tourist possibilities

Ministry for Physical Education, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Mariy-El

Informative tourist, cultural and business centre ITR