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Memorial submarine S-56VladivostokVladivostokVladivostok

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Primorye Territory

Federal District: The Far Eastern Federal District

Area: 561,54 km2
Population: 578,2 persons.


Vladivostok is the largest Russian port and naval base in the Far East, administrative center of Primorsky Krai, the final point of Trans-Siberian Railway.

Founded in 1860.

Population: 578,200

Total area: 561.54 km²

The city was bestowed a title of honor the “City of Military Glory” of the Russian Federation.


The region of Vladivostok was explored by Russian navigators in 1850s.

In 1860, the crew of the Russian sailboat “Manchurian” founded a naval outpost on the shore of a deep and sheltered Zolotoy Rog Bay and called it Vladivostok. The name came from the words that mean “to possess” and “East” (Vostok in Russian) on the model of Vladikavkaz – the name of a Russian fortress in the Caucasus that appeared in the late XVIII century.

Since 1862 Vladivostok is a port that has taken the lead over the Pacific Ocean. In 1871 the main base of the Siberian military fleet was relocated from Nikolayevsk-on-Amur to Vladivostok. The development of shipbuilding and other industries was accompanied by the strengthening of Vladivostok as the administrative center.

In 1880 Vladivostok (together with Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula) was separated as a special “military governorate” and granted the town status. From 1888 it was the center of Primorsky Oblast.

In 1897 the railway Khabarovsk – Vladivostok was built, in 1903 a through railway service along the Great Siberian railway main line that linked Vladivostok and Moscow was launched.

Vladivostok was an organization center for expeditions of Russian travelers and scientists N. M. Przhevalsky, S. O. Makarov, V. K. Arsenyev, V. L. Komarov (later the chairman of the Academy of Science of the USSR) and others.

In April 1918, Japanese, American, and English troops made a lodgment in Vladivostok. During the Rebellion of Czech Corps in 1918 temporary Siberian government, and later Admiral A. V. Kolchak, came to rule in Vladivostok.

In December 1920 the rule was transferred to Primorye Regional Administration of the Far Eastern Republic (DVR). In 1922 DVR merged in RSFSR. Since 1938 Vladivostok has been the center of Primorsky Krai.


The industry in Vladivostok is oriented towards machine-building, namely shipbuilding and shiprepairing. Vladivostok is the largest base for fishery and harvesting of seafood.


• The major junction of Trans-Siberian Railway including long distance trains and suburban trains (elektrichkas).

• The major seaport

• The international airport “Vladivostok ” (IATA code: VVO) is located 44 km to the north of the city

• The city is linked to Khabarovsk by M60 “Ussuri” federal highway and to Nakhodka and Vostochny port by A188 regional highway.

Public Transport

The major means of public transport are buses, trams, and trolleybuses; ocean-going launches and ferries. Nearly all of the bus services are provided by private companies. Moreover, funicular railroad functions in the city as well, and remote areas of the city and insular territories are linked by shorelines (ferries and launches). Suburban trains within the city are also used for urban transportation.


• Vladivostok State Circus

• Memorial Guard Submarine С-56 Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner

• Botanical Garden of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Science

• Arsenyev Primorye Museum • Antiques Automobile and Motorcycle Museum

• Vladivostok Post and Telegraph Office

Emergency Phones

The universal emergency telephone number in the European Union is 112.

• Fire Emergency — 01

• Police — 02

• Medical Ambulance — 03

• Gas Service — 04

• Dispatch Department of Primorsky Krai Administration (4232) 22-2333, (4232) 20-6206

• Duty officer of SI EMERCOM of Russia in Primorsky Krai — (4232) 43-2827

• Duty Officer of Vladivostok Search-and-Rescue Detachment of the Far-Eastern Regional Search-And-Rescue Detachment of EMERCOM of Russia — (4232) 38-9412

• Duty Officer of the Search-and-Rescue Team in Primorsky Krai — (4232) 37-1761

• Duty officer of Vladivostok City Search-and-Rescue Team — (4232) 21-2888

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