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Prince Vladimir CathedralAssumption Cathedral and bell tower of  Prechistenskie GatesChurch of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryMonument to Peter the Great on the promenade

The Subject of the Russian Federation:
Astrakhan Region

Federal District: The Southern Federal District

Area: 500 km2
Population: 506 100 persons.


Astrakhan — a city in Russia, the oldest city in the Lower Volga region; it is among 115 cities in Russia, recognized as having a historical value.

Founded in 1717.

Total area is 500 sq. km.

Population is 506 100 people. .


In 1333, Ibn Battuta, Arab traveler, made the first significant mention of Astrakhan, named at that time Hadji Tarhan. Hadji Tarhan was an autumn residence of the khans of the Golden Horde, the city was considered as a major trading center on the way from Persia and India to the Russian principalities and Europe. In 1395, the hordes of Tamerlane swept through the lands of the Golden Horde, Hadji Tarhan was ransacked and fell into disrepair. In 1456, it became the capital of Astrakhan Khanate, a very weak state with a predominantly nomadic Tatar population

In 1556, Ivan the Terrible annexed the Astrakhan Khanate to Russia, and in 1558, the city was relocated lower on the left bank of the Volga River, 12 km away from the former location to facilitate the defence against invading neighbors.

In 1670, the residents admitted Sten’ka Razin to the city of Astrakhan and organized a public government. A year later the royal governor besieged the fortress, the Astrakhanians surrendered the last bastion of public insurrection (uprising) in two and a half months. Plague in 1692 killed more than 10 000 people from 16 000 residents (from Brockhaus Encyclopedia).

Astrakhan Province was established by Decree of Peter I on November 22, 1717. Until 1934, Astrakhan was a part of the Lower Volga region with its center in Saratov, in 1934 — of Stalingrad area, and then of Stalingrad Oblast. Since 1943 the city of Astrakhan has been the center of Astrakhan Oblast.

Summer of 1942, Hitler's troops were approaching to Astrakhan at a distance of 100—150 km. Enemy aircrafts bombed the ships on the Volga river, some bombs hit Astrakhan. Astrakhan was an important transshipment point of lubricants from the Caucasus to Central Russia during the war; the city included a lot of hospitals.

In 1950-60's, Astrakhan was reconstructed. The new Master Plan of Development and Reconstruction of the city was approved according to which new parks were built, new squares were constructed; reconstruction of the Volga embankment and restoration of the Kremlin were under development, new housing estates appeared, roads were asphalted, etc.

Geographical position

The city is situated on 11 islands of the Caspian Lowlands, in the top of the Volga Delta, 1500 km away from Moscow to the south-east.

On the left bank of the Volga there is the main part of the city; approximately 20% of the city residents live on the right bank. Both parts of the city are connected by two bridges across the Volga.

A rich nature of the Volga Delta in the Astrakhan region attracts hunting and fishing fans from all over Russia.


A leading position in Astrakhan Oblast occupies the oil and gas industry. The oblast is a major gas-producing region of the Volga region; it is one of the leading producers of natural gas, oil and sulfur. Engineering industry, shipbuilding and ship repair complex, food industry and fisheries are also developed within the region.

More than 1200 enterprises operate within the city


Astrakhan Airport provides regular daily flights to Moscow. there are also regular domestic flights to Perm, Samara, international flights to Yerevan (Armenia), Aktau (Kazakhstan) and Baku ( Azerbaijan).

Sexteen kilometers away to the north-west from the Astrakhan airport there is a military airfield Privolzhskiy, during 1963 to 1979, it was the main airport of Astrakhan. To the south-east from the city of Astrakhan, there are two sports airfields — Osypnoy Bugorok and Tri Protoka.

Railway station: the Astrakhan Station of Volga Railways.

Public transport: 14 bus routes of large capacity, 5 bus routes of medium-size and 5 trolleybus routes.

Astrakhan ports: there are more than 10 ports within the city of Astrakhan,

Taxi buses: there are 80 city routes and many suburban ones.

Water transport: there is a local route along the Volga River on ships of Moscow type (a type of double-deck passenger river ships). Cruise itineraries are arranged on the river ships.


• Astrakhan Kremlin (included in UNESCO list)

• A building of former Azovsko-Donskoy Bank

• Gubin’s Private Residence

• Tent-roofed tower of the Spasso-Preobrazhensky Monastery wall

• Demidovskoe Podvorie

Outstanding People

• Trediakovskii, Vassily K. — Russian scientist and poet of XVIII century

• Khlebnikov, Velimir — Russian poet and novelist of the early XX century

• Babkina, G. Nadezhda — Russian singer

• Belyanin, Andrew O. — Russian writer and poet, the Fantasy genre

• Zakharov, Rostislav Vladimirovich (1907—1984) — choreographer, director, People's Artist of the USSR (1969)

• Kustodiyev, Boris — Russian artist of the beginning of the XX century

• Soymonov, Leontiy (? —After 1742) — Lieutenant-General, participant of the Northern War of 1700—1721, of the Persian Campaign of 1722—1723, Governor of the Astrakhan

 Sources of Tourism Information in the Region

Department of Tourism Activities Development and Organization (the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Astrakhan Oblast)

Address: 414000, Russia, Astrakhan, Nicholskaya Str., 9

Telephone: (8512) 52-4046


Emergency Telephones:

Head department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Astrakhan Oblast Address: 414045, Russia, Astrakhan, Tambovskaya Str., 3 / Volzhskaya Str., (Kriushi), 11 Telephone: (8512) 44-0580

Fax: 8 (8512) 46-9914


Helpline of the Head Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Astrakhan Oblast - (8512) 39-9999