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“Ivana Kupala-2012”
The 6th Annual International Festival “Ivan Kupala” takes place on June 29 – July 1, 2012 in the festival court “Vysokiye berega”(High coast) on the Oka river.

Meeting of the UNESCO Masterpieces on the Land of Olonkho
Many out of the 90 intangible cultural heritage of humanity masterpieces included in the UNESCO list will be presented at the International festival in Yakutia within the framework of the Children of Asia International Sports Games.

More than a million people attended “The White Nights in Perm”
The International festival “The White Nights in Perm” that finished last week attracted more than a million visitors.

The international AutoMotoFestival “ Karelia-2012”
For the first time ever there takes place the International AutoMotoFestival “ Karelia-2012” in a capital of Karelia.

“Khanskaya Kazan” welcomes visitors
On June, 23 there took place the festive opening of the Interactive Theatrical Court, the handicraft settlement of the “Khanskaya Kazan”.

The Day of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the town of Irbit
The town of Irbit has the unique cultural and original historical heritage. On Saturday, the 23th of June the town of Irbit welcomes visitors and residents of the Sverdlovsk region to the festival “The Day of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the town of Irbit”.

Beach areas with swimming pools will be opened in two Moscow rest parks.
On Friday at the briefing session of government the chief of the Moscow Department for Culture Sergei Kapkov reported about the opening of new beaches with hypethral swimming pools in two parks for recreation and leisure.

The State Duma has received a bill on simplification of Russian visa receiving procedure
The Russian Federation Government has brought a Bill on “the simplification of visa receiving procedure for foreign residents” to the State Duma.

The nettle battles took place not far from a city of Tula
The International Nettle Festival was held in a village of Krapivna of Tula region for the 10th time.

The world’s biggest nuclear icebreaker is preparing to transport tourists
The world’s biggest nuclear icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy” (50th anniversary of Victory) moved out of a dock at night between Thursday and Friday, after it was finished being repaired, fully prepared to be listed in The Russian Naval Vessel Register.

The Festive center is to be erected in the “Yasnaya Polyana” estate museum in the Tula region
They plan to erect a festive center in “Yasnaya Polyana” estate museum of a writer Leo Tolstoy.

In Sochi they are prepared to meet the needs of people with disabilities
The Transportation management of the Olympic Games Committee renders assistance to tour operators providing specific type of transport for tourists with disabilities.

The city of Tobolsk celebrates its 425th anniversary
Next week Tobolsk (Tumen Region) celebrates 425th anniversary of a city foundation.

Eventually federal museums will be open longer hours
Russian Minister of Cultural Affairs Vladimir Medinskiy has announced that the Ministry for Culture of Russian Federation will probably order federal museums to extend opening hours to 9 p.m. so that people in work were able to attend them.

The Kaliningrad historic downtown is possible to be revived to 2024
Kaliningrad authorities plan to revive the historic downtown around the former Royal palace to 2024.

In Ples opens summer tourist season
On 10-11 of June 2012 in Ples (Ivanovo Region) the opening of summer tourist season took place. Citizens and city guests enjoyed a rich festival program.

There will be a Garden City!
Dagestan's authorities plan to build a new city and tourist attraction in the south of the Caspian Sea.

WWF intends to protect Kamchatka’s fisheries
The coastal waters of western Kamchatka will be a protected fishing zone until 2017, where it will be possible only to fish and not drill for oil.

Novgorod event tourism attracts visitors
In the Novgorod Kremlin on June 10, July 14 and August 18 a costume show, "Journey to Novgorod at the time of Chambers”, based on the chronicles, the birch-wood manuscripts and the plays of Catherine II will be held.

Novgorod opens unique monument to the public
Novgorod opens to the public a unique monument of Russian wooden architecture the XVII century Church of Nikolaya Chudotvorca from Nikolskiy Krutetskiy monastery.

See Smolensk with a mobile guide
In early summer all the attractions of Smolensk will have special information boards with three-digit telephone numbers, that allow tourists to get information about the selected historical or cultural site when dialed.

The Novosibirsk Museum of World Burial Culture is now open
In Novosibirsk, a unique museum of world culture burial has opened. In it’s collection there are a few thousand items including a mourning dress of the XIX century, various scale model hearses, vintage themed prints, paintings and sculptures.