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The founder of Moscow university celebrates 300th anniversary
On November 19th there the anniversary of the great Russian scientist and enlightener Mikhailo Lomonosov was celebrated. He was born in Arkhangelsky region, Pomorye. On this remarkable day the Lomonosov Assembly was held at Metropol hotel. It was arranged by the social support fund and Lomonosov School.

"Fairy Map of Russia" to add new cities and heroes
On the New Year’s Eve 2012 the authors of the information and tourist project "Fairy Map of Russia" will announce several more towns discovered as native or visited by fairy-tale characters. The ceremony of "Fairy map" completion will take place at Kirov Fairy-Tales Preserve", the residence of kikimora Vyatskaya.

Santa Claus's birthday — The Russian Winter has Begun!
On November 18th the Russian Santa Claus celebrates another birthday. On this special occasion kids and adults came to him by two trains arranged by Moscow Government and the editorial of "Children's radio" specifically to congratulate the winter magician.

The Elbrus waits for tourists again!
On November 5, in Kabardino-Balkaria counter-terrorist regime was called off. It had been introduced on the territory of the Elbrus and Baksan areas of the country on February 20 this year following the armed attack on tourists and the blow of the ropeway on the Elbrus.

The first Lighthouse chapel in Russia
During the celebration of the National Unity Day in Balakhna, the homeland of Kuzma Minin who is the founder of the militia founded the first Russian (and some architects argue that this is even the first in the world) Lighthouse chapel beacon in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Archbishop of Myra!