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Forum&Festival “Rural tourism in Russia” takes place in Altai
6-9 June First International forum&festival “Rural tourism in Russia” takes place in Novotyryshkino village of Altai. 
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New beaches open in Sochi
177 beaches will be open this summer in Sochi. That is 6 beaches more than in last year. At present they are cleaning them up. 
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The Fairy Globe will be placed in Kirov city
Opening of a new showpiece The Fairy Globe will take place within The World Fairy Games which is going to be held on 20th of May in Kirov city “Fairies park”. 
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Walking through eleven centuries of a city history
On 19th of May 2012 The State Novgorod Museum-Reserve for the third time joins European event "The Night of Museums". 
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The Second International travel forum «Visit Russia» is waiting for guests
The 2nd International Travel forum “Visit Russia” takes place on 25-26 May 2012 in Yaroslavl. It is organized by the Government of the Yaroslavl Region and the City Council of Yaroslavl and is supported by the authorized representative in central federal district of RF President, the Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy, the Federal tourism agency of Russian Federation. 
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New-Year’s and Christmas fairs in Moscow, 2011
Moscow little by little takes over European traditions of organization holiday fairs on the eve of New Year and Christmas, where you can not only buy unique presents, but you can also have the time of your life. This year it will be possible to feel holiday atmosphere in Gorky Park and in Vetoshnyi lane, 13, in the Central House of Artists and at "Winery", in "Garage" and at design factory "Flakon", in "Bloshinyi market" on the Tishinskaya square, in "Hermitage" garden, Krokus Eskpo and many other places. 
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An extraordinary trip around the Garden Ring – an art-project “Blue trolleybus”
On the 26th of February, 2012 a wonderful art-project “Blue trolleybus” that runs around the Garden Ring every Saturday will celebrate its 7th anniversary. And in spite of rather long record of service, many people have never heard about this project.  
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Museums and contemporary art-projects of Moscow are preparing for the New Year’s coming
Recently museums and centers of modern art set themselves the task of involving as many people in the process of cognition and creation as possible. And don’t you think that New Year and Christmas – is the right moment for it?  
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January holidays on Kulikovo Field
Some people go to warm countries for their winter holidays, others prefer to stay home… But how can one refuse to spend a few wonderful New Year days in the country, where you can enjoy a real fairy tale with fresh air and cosy hotel rooms of Pervoye Ratnoye Filed in Russia.  
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The founder of Moscow university celebrates 300th anniversary
On November 19th there the anniversary of the great Russian scientist and enlightener Mikhailo Lomonosov was celebrated. He was born in Arkhangelsky region, Pomorye. On this remarkable day the Lomonosov Assembly was held at Metropol hotel. It was arranged by the social support fund and Lomonosov School.  
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Santa Claus's birthday — The Russian Winter has Begun!
On November 18th the Russian Santa Claus celebrates another birthday. On this special occasion kids and adults came to him by two trains arranged by Moscow Government and the editorial of "Children's radio" specifically to congratulate the winter magician. 
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"Fairy Map of Russia" to add new cities and heroes
On the New Year’s Eve 2012 the authors of the information and tourist project "Fairy Map of Russia" will announce several more towns discovered as native or visited by fairy-tale characters. The ceremony of "Fairy map" completion will take place at Kirov Fairy-Tales Preserve", the residence of kikimora Vyatskaya. 
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The Elbrus waits for tourists again!
On November 5, in Kabardino-Balkaria counter-terrorist regime was called off. It had been introduced on the territory of the Elbrus and Baksan areas of the country on February 20 this year following the armed attack on tourists and the blow of the ropeway on the Elbrus. 
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The first Lighthouse chapel in Russia
During the celebration of the National Unity Day in Balakhna, the homeland of Kuzma Minin who is the founder of the militia founded the first Russian (and some architects argue that this is even the first in the world) Lighthouse chapel beacon in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Archbishop of Myra! 
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In the "Hot Keys" The First International Festival of Bath
September 17, Suzdal, the First International Festival of Bani, organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism. September 17, Suzdal, the First International Festival of Bani, organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism. The festival was held in the hotel-tourist complex "Hot Keys", which is famous for its 11 baths and professional bathers. It's not only cherish and revive the tradition of dressing Russia, but also with great interest the study of world sauna experience. 
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Journey to the edge of the amber
September 15-18, journalists from leading Russian mass media, specialized in tourism, as well as representatives of tour operators visited the Kaliningrad region. Press tour was organized by the Agency for Tourism of the Kaliningrad region, supported by the Federal Tourism Agency. Familiarity with the region began with a tour of the regional center. At the beginning of the XX century Konigsberg was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Unfortunately, the fire of the Second World War did not spare its historic core, and many architectural monuments, including the Royal Castle, were destroyed in the Soviet period. The heart of Konigsberg is the Cathedral of the XIV century Kneiphof, which was also planned to demolish but was saved because of Immanuel Kant’s grave, who in Soviet philosophy was one of the "three sources" of Marxism. Now in this unique building is a museum of Kant and a museum of the Cathedral, concerts of organ music, is set to the largest organ in Europe. 
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"Rendezvous with Russia"
On September 2 – 6, 2011 in Verkhoturye, the Sverdlovsk region will take place National Festival of Travel film "Rendezvous with Russia", supported by the Federal Tourism Agency and the Government of the Sverdlovsk region. 
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Perm 'MOVEMENT - 2011
On July 2-3, in the architectural-ethnographic museum "Khokhlovka”, that 45 km from Perm, the festival “Movement” will take place". This is an annual celebration of world culture and music, which organically combines ethnic tradition and innovation, classical heritage and experiment. 
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Music summer - "The Creation" in Kazan
Summer period in Russia is a great opportunity for travelers to combine the useful and pleasant – with a fine. Visit the place where you have not ever been, but have long wanted. Learn not only local attractions and enjoy the wonderful views of the new places, but also a unique experience to participate in the tremendous event. 
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Tourist train from Moscow to Veliky Novgorod
On May 6 from Moscow to Veliky Novgorod goes a special tourist train (10 carriages), carrying guests to a two-day, rich and fascinating tour. 
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